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  1. d00mdrew

    FS Gone forever ♥

    I feel like this forum, as a whole, picks its spots. And this was a great pick. It actually would’ve been a hell of an April fools day thread. Maybe next year.
  2. d00mdrew

    FS Gone forever ♥

    Does adding the PCB lower the price?
  3. d00mdrew

    FS Gone forever ♥

    SDOJ was the worst thing to ever happen to Cave games
  4. d00mdrew

    FS Gone forever ♥

  5. d00mdrew

    FOUND Gals Panic S2

    Found one on Tops.
  6. d00mdrew

    FOUND Gals Panic S2

    Looking for the Kaneko cart of Gals Panic S2. Will also consider S, but really looking for S2. I know there’s one on eBay right now, but I’m not paying $350+ ✌🏻
  7. d00mdrew

    FS Raiden, Master of Weapon, KOF: NeoWave, etc

    Raiden is sold.
  8. d00mdrew

    SOLD Taito G DARIUS pcb Price Reduced

    Great game, Ver 1 as well, so it’s not impossible to make progress, unlike Ver 2 😁 GLWS!
  9. d00mdrew

    FS Raiden, Master of Weapon, KOF: NeoWave, etc

    Prices include shipping within CONUS. Only shipping within the US at this time. Raiden (NA) - Works great - $275 SOLD KOF: Neo Wave - Authentic/Sealed - $50 Master of Weapon - Works great - $125 CVS2 (PS2) - $40 SOLD PayPal and Venmo accepted.
  10. d00mdrew

    FS Neo Geo MVS and SEGA ST-V custom boxes

    These look nice. Hanagumi Taisen Columns and Virtua Fighter Remix STV boxes would be great!
  11. d00mdrew

    FS Price Drop : Psikyo PCB sale : Strikers 1945, Strikers 1945 II !

    Nice prices…the first Gunbird is better than 2, just sayin…GLWS!
  12. d00mdrew

    SOLD MVS Carts w/Shockboxes and Inserts, Marquees, Move Strips etc

    Art of Fighting, 3 Count Bout and Metal Slug X are sold. Only Aero Fighters 2 (original instruction cards are included, not pictured) remains. Thanks!
  13. d00mdrew

    Cave CV1000-D bootlegs a hoy

    I wouldn’t even care if the PCBs were purple (actually that would be cool),as long as they’re 1:1.
  14. d00mdrew

    Positive Feedback - BlackLord

    Purchased a Daisenpuu PCB from @BlackLord Great communication, fast shipping, packed well and it arrived fully functional. Thanks!
  15. d00mdrew

    WTB SEGA/Sanwa Mahjong CP (Astro theme)

    Title says it all, let me know!