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  1. p4ck3t

    Irken (MiSTer) JVS Expander

    Jumped on this when I got the notice this morning and less then 2 hours later Fedex had it in hand with and expected international delivery date on Monday. Can't wait to try it out!
  2. p4ck3t

    FS K C Game sale

    Any chance that 4 slot neo29 in the background is on its way also?
  3. p4ck3t

    DARKSOFT Get your MultiMVS Here:

    HSS has opened pre-orders:
  4. p4ck3t

    Axun Workshop - JVS / JAMMA Control-Box(CBOX) SuperGun

    I ordered on Sept 18th and got my shipping notice a few hours ago.
  5. p4ck3t

    Positive Feedback for Undamned!

    Bought a couple UD-USB adapters from @undamned - Whole experience was quick and easy, shipped quickly with tracking, and were packaged well. I would not hesitate to buy from him again.
  6. p4ck3t

    9uile's Vewlix F

    Control panel screw. When you flip the joystick front panel toward you there should be one in either side to prevent the rear panel from opening away from you.
  7. p4ck3t

    Official: CPS1 (CPS1.5) Multi by Darksoft/Apocalypse - Interest Check Thread

    Add me to the interest list also please
  8. p4ck3t

    9uile's Vewlix F

    I had the same wavey gunk on my screen. It is most likely on the inside of the protestive glass and is not a screen issue. Fairly easy to get to, just a lot of tiny screws on the bezel, and should come off with a little 409 or windex.
  9. p4ck3t

    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    Yes, sort of. The Rev.B version I got has a cutout in the perfect location for the control nub, and even with my giant hands I have no issues or strain to manipulate it. It does require taking the back panel off and mirror or a lot of back and forth to make adjustments. One monitor annoyance is...
  10. p4ck3t

    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    I've only had it in there for a little over a day, but so far color, image quality and brightness are excellent. When streaming 4k hdr video content the depth and clarity are noticeably better than my older 4k hdr VA panel. Black/grey/color uniformity is decent for an IPS, but it's no OLED. I...
  11. p4ck3t

    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    Anyone looking to go 4k for PC and next-gen consoles I can confirm the LG 32UN880-B fits perfectly. I kept the original glass with anti-glare and it adds a little moire effect if you get real close, but not really noticeable without leaning in to look for it. As you can see from the final...