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  1. Revrun91

    WTB WTB: Initial D3 Cards

    Looking to buy 100 Initial D3 cards
  2. Revrun91

    SOLD Street fighter 2 X eproms

    Located from Moncks Corner, SC Super street fighter 2X EPROMs. They were pulled from the board so an darksoft kit can be installed. These work perfectly fine with no issues. $40 PayPal F&F +shipping
  3. Revrun91

    FS CPS3 drive, candy cab looms kick harness and Naomi USB Pi adapter cable

    Located in Moncks Corner, SC CPS3 CD drive $50 this is tested and working. The CPS3 Darksoft CD is actually in there Box of looms $70 there is a TON of looms in there. These came from blast and versus city. Naomi USB pi cable adapter $15. There is 2 of them. PayPal F&F + shipping.
  4. Revrun91

    FS Consoles for sale

    Not sure. I don’t have any PS3 disc games to test it unfortunately
  5. Revrun91

    FS Consoles for sale

    Located in Moncks Corner, SC I am selling a few broken consoles that can be repaired or for parts. 1 is working. I was working on them but now I don’t have the time for them anymore. 1 PS4 pro. It works perfectly fine but the HDMI port is busted. $50 2 ps1’s. It boots up but can’t read...
  6. Revrun91

    FS Naomi parts

    Added 1 more thing to the list
  7. Revrun91

    FS Naomi parts

    Added 2 more things to the list for sale
  8. Revrun91

    FS Naomi parts

  9. Revrun91

    Feedback for Revrun91

    Appreciate you! and @Digital20 was a pleasure to work with as well 💪🏾
  10. Revrun91

    FS Naomi parts

    Capcom I/O is sold
  11. Revrun91

    FS Naomi parts

    I have a few items for sale located in Moncks Corner, SC. All items are tested and working except virtua striker. Plus shipping 2x Initial D Stage 3 Disc and key $60 a piece. $120 for both. Capcom I/O with cables : $180 GD rom: $100 Virtua Striker 3 : $70 Naomi PCB feet: $15 CPS2 PCB...
  12. Revrun91

    SOLD Capcom CPS3 Darksoft Multi setup

    This is more than what I sold mine but those ebay fees are crazy though lol. Only reason I sold mine at that price is because of the extra work that was put into it. Good job on the sale though 💪🏾
  13. Revrun91

    FS Naomi GD rom and Dimm

    For sale is a working GD rom and dimm Dimm $100 GD rom $75 Plus shipping PayPal F&F
  14. Revrun91

    FS Namco Super system 23 (Crisis Zone)

    For sale are 2 working Namco super system 23 for sale. They have Crisis zone in them. Willing to do $100 + shipping a piece for them. Located in Moncks Corner, SC. PayPal F&F.