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  1. TK86079


    Hey can somone help me with a scan of a DS or DS MBL Move strip? greetings and thank you. Alex
  2. TK86079

    Sega Aero City 839-0244 Trans BD

    Hey, does anyone know if there is any source for repro or original Aero City 839-0244 Trans BD. I alredy have the jamma-nation-x repro of the headphone jack pcb, 839-0158. It works perfect with the headphone output from a MVS multislot board, but via standad Jamma its bad, I have to pull up the...
  3. TK86079

    PGM problems

    Hey, thank you. I allready changed the connector with the one of my working PGMs, but same problem. The game contacts are perfect clean and they work perfect in the other PGMs. I have a stereo microscope at work, and the soldering and traces look good.
  4. TK86079

    PGM problems

    I have a problem with one of my PGM Systems. It works when no mame is plugged in, but when I insert a game, no matter what game ( I only have the Cave bootlegs ) i only get colored artifacts standig still on the screen. All games work perfect in the other PGMs. Thank you and greetings Alex
  5. TK86079

    JNX Sega 839-0158 Repro Headphone Board

    I would also buy one of these. Greetings
  6. TK86079

    Mushihimesama PCB save probs.

    OK, I thought it would repair the save bug. But thanks for your help.
  7. TK86079

    Mushihimesama PCB save probs.

    @oneleaf86 Sorry for warming up this old thread and stupid question. I own the first revision of Mushi, with all the bugs. Can I just replace the R9701 chip as it comes? Im not so much in electronics, but Im able to make some fine solder work :)
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    DDR speakers part thingy build

    This is cool stuff :) Love it!
  9. TK86079

    PGM single game PCB interest check

    Hi, I would be intersted in a PCP pair.
  10. TK86079

    Hi from Germany (Rüsselsheim)

    Thank you all.
  11. TK86079

    Hi from Germany (Rüsselsheim)

    Hi, Im Alex and I live in Germany. I love Arcade games since I was infected with this virus in the very early 90s in Italy. Im a Geo Geo MVS and a little AES collector. I own a Big Red Cab and a MVS U4 Candy. I also love to play shooter especially Cave and PSIKYO Games. Thank you for accepting...