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  1. jermz1


    These are pretty sweet. Do you mind sharing some dimensions of the plexi and art? Maybe a closer flat top down view?
  2. jermz1

    A little help: Capcom Q25 front cover lid hinge

    Seeing more pictures of what youre talking about. I took a look at my aero city and I think what your looking for is a curved hinge. Not this exact one but the design that works with the q25
  3. jermz1

    A little help: Capcom Q25 front cover lid hinge

    Not sure if im following correctly, but why dont you make the lazy susan smaller or make the lid bigger. Also if you google egret rotation, theres some examples of the rotation mech
  4. jermz1

    Noir Monitor Swap

    Yea I meant to go back and revise that gap issue eventually. I just used a piece of foam to fill it in. It was good for my needs and don't have a printer readily available. I used jlpcb SLA resin for my prints. Overall they feel pretty solid.
  5. jermz1

    FS Tekken 8 Vewlix Art Set

    Mounted Pics courtesy of @HanYolo
  6. jermz1

    Tekken 8 Noir WiP

    Need to fix the marquee, the logo is kind of pixellated and jin/kaz face.
  7. jermz1

    FS Tekken 8 Vewlix Art Set

    Back from training, 4 available.
  8. jermz1

    Tekken 8 Noir WiP

    So far I have done the Marquee Art, Instruction Art, and Move list Art samples. Still need to find a shop to print the move list like the original. Just printed/laminated for now. I plan to make a dedicated panel, speaker trim, and matching cab art.
  9. jermz1

    FS Tekken 8 Vewlix Art Set

    Ah yea, I have corrected it. Thank you!
  10. jermz1

    Tekken 8 - Vewlix artworks

    @ikefc T8 vewlix artset
  11. jermz1

    FS Tekken 8 Vewlix Art Set

    4 Left $60 a set $5.95 USPS Ground advantage shipping PayPal F&F You'll receive 1 Marquee, Header, Top / Bottom Speaker area, and Control panel art. FCFS
  12. jermz1

    SF6 Type Arcade Noir / Vewlix Artwork Set

    They both look great!
  13. jermz1

    CRT monitor into Arcade1Up cabinet

    Youll have better luck asking on the arcade 1up fb group.
  14. jermz1

    FS New Delta 32 candy cab for sale - N.E. Ohio

    @HanYolo and I swapped his monitor. Worked out nicely. There is a lot of dead space after though.
  15. jermz1

    Street Fighter 6 Type Arcade Vewlix marquee and move strip (original art)

    The official SF6TA site and Famitsu have better images. This was passed on to me.
  16. jermz1

    Some newbie Vewlix questions

    For the small hole in the rear. I made this panel a while back. EZ I/O Panel
  17. jermz1

    Vewlix/Chewlix EZ Multi I/O Panel

    Had some time to revist this project. Acrylic is nice but wanted something more durable. 3MM Anodized Black Aluminum
  18. jermz1

    SF VI arcade hardware

    Some experiencing lag
  19. jermz1

    WTB Noir 88 manual

    Looking for this manual, goes with the gold T7 noir.
  20. jermz1

    Custom Noir Subpanel Ezpassport

    A project ive been working on and off. Probably will spread the buttons apart a bit, raise up the volume/usb port, led cut out and a matching color sticker to stock.