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  1. waiwainl

    Cave CV1000-D bootlegs a hoy

    What do you mean by that?
  2. waiwainl

    Merry Xmas everyone!!!

    Merry Christmas everybody! 🎄
  3. waiwainl

    Dodonpachi Campaign Ver.

    Never played the Campaign version. However, your changes looks very nice indeed.
  4. waiwainl

    FS FS-Xain’d Sleena Jpn with arts and pop

    Interesting, I just bought a cheap Xain'D Sleena locally - let me check if it contains the 68705 🤔
  5. waiwainl

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    Thanks - emailed him to see when they are back in stock. Metal is too expensive.
  6. waiwainl

    WTB Wanted Taito Darksoft setup and Big Fight Big Trouble in the Atlantic PCB!

    google a bit and you'll find, based board here: and the F3 multi with any of his suppliers ?
  7. waiwainl

    WTB [FOUND] Dodonpachi PCB

    Great game! (and sheep_nova is a great seller)
  8. waiwainl

    DARKSOFT CPS1 Multi - Support thread

    Voltage wise, it runs fine with 4.82 Different Mercs files did the trick.
  9. waiwainl

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    Is there already a CPS-1 multi casing offered somewhere?
  10. waiwainl

    DARKSOFT CPS1 Multi - Support thread

    Voltage is 4.82, which is on the low side. I can't crank up that NAC PSU anymore than this voltage, the knob doesn't go any further. Will try later in another horizontal cab.
  11. waiwainl

    DARKSOFT CPS1 Multi - Support thread

    Both are 2.097.152 bytes
  12. waiwainl

    DARKSOFT CPS1 Multi - Support thread

    I used the SD card that was supplied (Transcent 4GB, formatted FAT32) and the ROM pack suggested by the installation video (World+Euro). Interestingly enough, just turned on the cab again and Varth is booting just fine 😳 I am puzzled of what made the difference, only change, between now and...
  13. waiwainl

    DARKSOFT CPS1 Multi - Support thread

    Finally have time to install the Multi I bought in September 2023! Installed everything per instructions: A board 89626A-4 - tested working A/V with Carrier Airwing C board is the reproduction from Darksoft No FW update performed on the Multi (assumed the latest was already on it) Replaced the...
  14. waiwainl

    FS Homemade and Custom Posters ( NEW ADDITION! )

    +1 for Raiden & Viper Phase 1
  15. waiwainl

    FS Some good boards :)

    Is Air Duel not M72 ?
  16. waiwainl

    Hello from the Netherlands

    Welcome :)
  17. waiwainl

    SOLD sold

    happy to trade it for my nes :D
  18. waiwainl

    FS FS: Deathsmiles kit, mushihimesama futari kit

    oh boy, what a beauties :love:
  19. waiwainl

    SOLD sold

    Does it have the PCB?