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  1. Franco23444

    No Sound on Viewlix with 369

    Are you using the RCA jacks? Have you tested them separately on a different device?
  2. Franco23444

    Namco System ES3 Teardown and some basic info

    Yeah, the RAM is the only thing you can replace without tripping bitlocker, everything else will trip it unless you have a way to bypass the bitlocker stuff
  3. Franco23444

    Namco System 3xx Multi?

    It’s fine, it’s up to us to take care of this hardware as the PS3 is basically now abandonware (besides the few yearly fw updates to keep the Blu-ray keys up to date). I’m just saying that right now, the system is still at a grey area as Namco still has minimal support for the time being.
  4. Franco23444

    Namco System 3xx Multi?

    From what I do know, Namco still has some support for Razing Storm and DeadStorm Pirates, needless to say, they still offer minimal “repairs/support”.
  5. Franco23444

    Line level unamplified audio from MK1 sound board

    Hi everyone! I’m wondering if anyone has any idea if unamplified audio can be sourced from the MK1 sound board? I want to bypass the amp entirely to record clean audio from the board. Has anyone ever attempted this? If so, can you please share the location on where to tap unamplified audio? Thanks!
  6. Franco23444

    Namco System 3xx Multi?

    I don’t think it’s still the right time to share any information, it’s up to @Darksoft or @Mitsurugi-w imo…
  7. Franco23444

    Namco System 3xx Multi?

    You know most of this information is old/false right?
  8. Franco23444

    I bought a namco system 369 arcade machine on the second-hand market. Since there is no I/O version, I don't know how to start it

    Running T6BR won’t work as the T6BR HDD you have is a 3.5” HDD instead of 2.5” the later systems, (357A/B used 3.5” while 357C/369 used 2.5”) and the HDD format versions are different from fat PS3s and slims, meaning even if you get a SATA extension cable and plug the HDD to the 369, you will...
  9. Franco23444

    Namco 357A tekken 6 BR

    Yeah, you can buy another HDD and dongle, install it to your system and the game will work again, you don’t even need another dongle as the T6/BR dongles aren’t paired to the HDD like the later games on the 3XX.
  10. Franco23444

    Namco Noir advice

    Probably the DAC on the pcb has most likely gone bad perhaps?
  11. Franco23444

    Deadstorm Pirates Upright Namco 357 Dead

    These things can still get the YLOD or GLOD, to make sure it’s not an issue with the HDMI, you can plug in PS2/PS3 component video cables and see if you can an image from there. Also check if you can hear the beeps from bootup. Another thing to do, check if the HDD is seated properly. If you...
  12. Franco23444

    Replace HDD to SSD on Tekken Tag 2?

    No one is sharing links around here publicly unless for its for older systems and games, the 357/369 still falls under a gray area as some games like the Taiko series and some of the gun games are still under some support by Namco…
  13. Franco23444

    Replace HDD to SSD on Tekken Tag 2?

    Unless you have access to a patched or very clean image , cloning it would not work as the HDD is tied with the serial number in a specific file, I’m still not sure if it’s ok to share any information yet as the hardware and software to my eyes, seems to be abandoned, but you can send me a DM.
  14. Franco23444

    Found Undamped Namco Tekken 2 ROMs ?

    This is actually very cool stuff I’m seeing for the first time! Thanks for digging this up bro!
  15. Franco23444

    Found Undamped Namco Tekken 2 ROMs ?

    Interesting, this is something I would definitely like to look into, especially to dump my own boards or reflash them with a complete game version 🤔
  16. Franco23444

    Namco System 12 Tekken 3 playing blind

    From what I could see, it seems like very early production units of Tekken 3 have an issue with JVS, I know mine is some times finicky with JVS but works well using JAMMA. The early versions also have factory rewiring work done to them, some near the audio amp and another near the JVS USB port…
  17. Franco23444

    Time Crisis 4 gun harness pin outs and what I/O board is needed

    It is possible to run with one system, that’s what I do
  18. Franco23444

    Time Crisis 4 gun harness pin outs and what I/O board is needed

    The Namco FCA board also works, probably the Sega I/O needs to use different pinouts? The TC4 manual is online in PDF form so you can check the pinouts @mr_magooz
  19. Franco23444

    Time Crisis 4 gun harness pin outs and what I/O board is needed

    That should work but you will need to try that