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  1. tDRG

    Hello from Mexico

    Welcome! What are your favorite Neo Geo games?
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    Inglewood, up to some good!

    Welcome! Can't say I've seen many table flip cabs on here, very cool.
  3. tDRG

    PSA: MS293X, faulty chassis can break the tube

    Thanks, hope that's all it is. Here's an actual example of what happened. I think the picture didn't quite extend to the bottom throughout the whole first and second sessions, but when I booted it up again this afternoon, it was fine. I was able to play with no problems for about 10 minutes...
  4. tDRG

    PSA: MS293X, faulty chassis can break the tube

    Nothing's blown on my 2930 yet, but I'm a little concerned after some shrinking today. My chassis was recapped by GndZero when I bought the cab a couple years ago, I finished the restore this December so it's had about 6 months of use. I think there's always been a little bit of vertical noise...
  5. tDRG

    Positive Feedback for mybff

    Just echoing MegaShock, I also picked up a 360 game from @mybff and had a great experience. Shipped out very quickly. Thanks!
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    WTB Gem Fighter CPS2, FotNS & SamSho6 Atomiswave

    Bumping after updating the list.
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    Greetings from France !

    Welcome! Nice lineup, I like the Tate setup.
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    Wubba wubba, I'm in the pink today!

    Welcome! Plenty of CPS2 fans here.
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    SOLD Hori VLX OE Panel

    I like the looks of that custom panel 👀 GLWS
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    The cart overflows, how are ya'll storing your MVS/AES carts?

    I keep my carts wrapped with these:
  11. tDRG

    EXAMU eX-Board owners thread

    I picked one of these up recently, but can't find dipswitch info. Anyone know what they do? And what position should the red switch on the back be in to take power from the jamma harness (I don't have the external power adapter)?
  12. tDRG

    Positive feedback for Rtl

    I picked up a bundle of boards from @Rtl . Shipped quickly from Aus to US, arrived safely in good condition as described, thanks!
  13. tDRG

    DARKSOFT Get your MultiMVS Here:

    Interest check for an upcoming batch is now in this thread:
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    Interest Check - NEW MVS MULTI BATCH!!

    In for 1, thanks!
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    Positive Feedback for DavesArcades

    Perfect transaction with @davesarcades . Shipped quickly, arrived in great shape.
  16. tDRG

    Positive Feedback - xb74 aka

    I placed a small order at CQBA for Murakumo Arts dust washers that have been sold out elsewhere and some cable ties. Shipped quickly from Aus to the US, and included a couple extra ties and some candy. Thanks @xb74 !
  17. tDRG

    positive feedback for Ack

    Another very positive transaction with @ack ; he reached out on my WTB with a fair price. Shipped quickly, packed well, excellent condition as described.
  18. tDRG

    Namco System 12 (Tekken 3) Stuck in Boot Loop After Kick Harness

    I have a Tekken 3 board that I tested successfully on my supergun and again just now on my Blast City, both times without kicks since I only have CPS2-style kick harnesses. I got a JNX System 12 CPS2 kick harness adapter, though my board has the wider kick harness slot so I had to file it down a...