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  1. Paik4Life

    Sigma Raijin

    Thanks for this and the info about cutting down the generic plug. Definitely a little ghetto but it might have to do the job.
  2. Paik4Life

    Sigma Raijin

    Hey everyone, I just got one of these but it didn't come with a power cord. According to the previous site linked (, it seems to be a pretty unique one. My question is, what are my options? Is there a place where I can just buy a replacement...
  3. Paik4Life

    SOLD FTPanzer Fight Stick VT - DIY Kit

    Wow classic stuff. I would love to own this but it’s just so massive and I have no friends so no one to play with :) good luck with the sale! I’ll point a few discord channels your way!
  4. Paik4Life

    Help CPS2 troubleshooting video issues

    Hey all. I got one of those exploded battery CPS2 in the other day. I threw on an infinikey and booted it up after cleaning the board a bit. Everything plays and sound works but graphics are garbled garbage. Any advice on what I can do to troubleshoot and hopefully resolve the issues? I’m...
  5. Paik4Life

    FS Naomi / (New) Net City / Blast City Parts, Sanwa, Seimitsu, Korean parts, Sega Amp, Random stuff

    I have no freaking clue! Seems superfluous but you just reminded me that someone asked about these and I totally forgot to respond to them! I’m an idiot!!!
  6. Paik4Life

    FS Large junk parts lot. Exceelena panel (aftermarket), Pony Mk2-28 (1p original, 2p repro w/ overlay), buttons locks, Egret harness, etc

    If you don’t mind breaking up this lot, I’m interested in all of the Japanese buttons/sticks. Good luck with the sale. ~Paik
  7. Paik4Life

    FS Authentic Control Panels: Versus City, Blast City, Noir, Vewlix L-AMI

    Spring cleaning. Selling a variety of authentic arcade control panels. Vewlix with parts shown SOLD 190 Noir with parts shown SOLD 170 Versus City SOLD 90 Blast City SOLD 100 Prices include shipping within the US. Elsewhere is extra. PM for more photos. ~Paik
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    I think the best bet is to ask for an overlay without holes cut and cut them yourself after adhering it to the panel.
  9. Paik4Life

    Custom Taito Vewlix Sub Panel * SOLD OUT *

    Yeah hit me up for a set of screws. The volume controller has a nut that you use to mount to the sub panel. The reason I went with the one I linked for my cab is that it uses 3.5mm audio jack which is stock for Vewlix. So you would need to use an HDMI audio extractor that outputs 3.5mm, that...
  10. Paik4Life

    Vewlix Console I/O - Connect Brook fighting boards directly to your Vewlix.

    Ah I see what you mean. The site is a little misleading. In the past it actually wouldn't let you add to cart unless it was in stock. I know because he had one on eBay that I asked for him to add to the site instead to save me $5 and save him ebay fees. Looks like maybe @suprawhite grabbed the...
  11. Paik4Life

    Custom Taito Vewlix Sub Panel * SOLD OUT *

    If you need some and don't want to pay $10 for a whole box that you'll never use, hit me up and I can sell you one of my sets of 4 for like $2+shipping. ~Paik
  12. Paik4Life

    Vewlix Console I/O - Connect Brook fighting boards directly to your Vewlix.

    They're available on his site: Yes, there are connectors for all of these. You can see them above the 20 pin connector on the board. Although I haven't had a chance to wire mine (I only plan to use the touchpad button using this connection.
  13. Paik4Life

    Custom Taito Vewlix Sub Panel * SOLD OUT *

    I wanted to report back that OCD got the best of me and I tried out this one: I had to de-case and also widen the hole so the nut would fit (widened a little on the top side only enough to get the nut...
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    Custom Taito Vewlix Sub Panel * SOLD OUT *

    I was thinking about using this: or this:
  15. Paik4Life

    Custom Taito Vewlix Sub Panel * SOLD OUT *

    I just got two of these beauties but since the Vewlix is wired for 3.5mm audio cable, has anyone found a compatible alternative controller? I'd like to avoid buying a bunch of conversion cables and adding any more wiring in my already messy cab : ) ~Paik
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    Naomi Pi 'WiPi Netbooter' - compatible with Pi 3&4

    What are you trying to accomplish? Why are you connecting your Pi to your Mac?