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  1. gatr

    SOLD Sega Saturn JP Grey Model 1 with Rhea 3.2

    Hello everybody! Got my spare JP Model 1 Sega Saturn here with Rhea 3.2 installed. Console only. You will need to provide SD card, power cable (standard figure-8), AV cable, and controller to use. Back door is missing and battery may need to be replaced. The grey isn't a perfect cool-gray...
  2. gatr

    SOLD CPS3 Multi Setup

    Off Amazon, Here
  3. gatr

    SOLD CPS3 Multi Setup

    This is sold. Thanks everyone!
  4. gatr

    SOLD CPS3 Multi Setup

    Hi everybody! Selling this CPS3 setup, as I unfortunately don't play it as much as I'd like to. Kit is ready to go and has the following: CPS3 Motherboard (looks like two repairs or jumpers on board, came to me that way originally, works fine afaik) Full set of CAPCOM SIMMs, ready for Third...
  5. gatr

    NEOGEO + AES Multigame cartridge - NEW POLL INCLUDED. PLEASE VOTE!

    This was a nice surprise to get today! 8o Waiting for the roll-up so I took a pic :D Love that grey sandblasted cart. :love: Can't wait to play it 8)
  6. gatr

    Merry Xmas SmokeMonster (let's buy him a Multi!!)

    Sweet, sent $15 just now :)
  7. gatr

    DARKSOFT Taito F3. Instructions and videos.

    Got my board Thursday, box wasn't too terrible, but just installed it today and it works great! Thanks again for a killer product! :D
  8. gatr

    Taito F3 Multigame Cart Case

    Franco, I'd be interested in one of these. Got one of your Run-DMD frames, they're nice :thumbsup:
  9. gatr

    Taito F3 Multigame Preorder Interest Check

    +1 full package please :)
  10. gatr

    SOLD ​Taito Type X2 mobo & multigame HDD

    Message sent :)
  11. gatr

    Preorder interest check

    1x MVS please :)
  12. gatr

    SUPER DUPER OLD THREAD: Important (maybe) Announcement about Mitsu

    Great story! Congrats and best of luck with everything for you Mitsurugi-w!
  13. gatr

    Those of you with 512MB and 1GB DIMM boards...

    I get the same results with the patched one. PM'ing you a link to the non-patched if you need it.
  14. gatr

    Rythm Tengoku on compact flash

    Just tried Rhythm Tengoku over Netdimm, worked great, played a few rounds. Toukon Retsuden 4 loaded, showed that "notice distribute only in Japan" screen, an MPEG softdec screen, then stayed at a black screen.
  15. gatr

    Those of you with 512MB and 1GB DIMM boards...

    Just checked my 512mb NetDIMM's, one had 2x Samsung Korea H PC133U-333-542 M366S3323CT0-C7A, one of the sticks had 0129 in the top right corner and the other had 0131. The other NetDIMM had 2x ADTEC? sticks, pic attached. No labels on the back.
  16. gatr

    DARKSOFT Games Fixed to work with DIMM

    VOOT seems to be going into Test menu whenever I load it. I can go through the NAOMI test menu fine but it seems funky in the VOOT game test menu, and it exits to a black screen. I'm thinking it may be my IO board (crossed some wires a few months back, but works fine in other games like cosmic...
  17. gatr

    Lindbergh Nico Multigame kit "loop" error

    Did you try resetting with the jumpers like in steps 3-5 here?: How to install your Lindbergh DarkDawg Multi Kit