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  1. hatmoose

    FS 486 DX2 PC DOS machine

    Oh man these are so sweet, a classic 90's battle station. The DX2 was the first x86 processor where the processor clock was a multiple of the front side bus clock, paving the way for the ghz PC's we have today. Some classic Dos goodness coming. Many of the games we love in 2024 got their start...
  2. hatmoose

    Reverse engineering 161 in 1 cartridge to change Rom games

    This is the most beautiful thing, thank you for sharing it. My boards arrived and I have assembled. The way you design the pogo pins so they are retained at the correct height during assembly and still free to move is extremely clever. Now I understand why the boards are designed like this...
  3. hatmoose

    3D printable AES cart shell?

    Hi Everyone; Have been working on the amazing AES test cart that @ack has generously given us, it is awesome, thank you! Need an AES cart shell to put it in, but having trouble finding one that I can remix and 3D print. MVS cart shell 3D/model and STL = works perfectly...
  4. hatmoose

    Hello from Tokyo

    Hello and welcome! You have come to the right place. Looking forward to learning more about your projects.
  5. hatmoose

    DARKSOFT CPS III Bios and CD Releases

    I did it myself with the following gear Hot air station (Atten) Temp controlled soldering station (ksger t12) SMD tip for the station (bc2 clone) Some decent solder and flux gel EPROM burner with NOR adapter (t48 w/ADP1) binocular microscope With the right gear it’s very possible, but I didn’t...
  6. hatmoose

    The Definitive Guide to CPS2 Conversions

    Yes, same jumpers regardless of board revision. those jumper settings assume original ROMS or a 1:1 conversion. The jumpers are basically telling the board how many roms and of what size to expect in each socket. So that might be worth checking too, If the conversion uses rom-doubled chips...
  7. hatmoose

    The Definitive Guide to CPS2 Conversions

    Its missing from the jumper list, I never noticed. Luckily MVSscans to the rescue. This one is Vampire (JPN) but the jumpers are consistent across regions so same same for Darkstalkers Agree with...
  8. hatmoose

    CPS2 digiAV - source of Cyclone 10 FPGA chips to make my own?

    If anyone wants it the Digikey cart for the BOM is attached
  9. hatmoose

    CPS2 digiAV - source of Cyclone 10 FPGA chips to make my own?

    Coming back to this one after a bit of a break, inspired by reading this This blog post solves the mystery of why some $2.54 USB blasters (like Nems) work perfectly, and some (like mine) do not. At...
  10. hatmoose

    Reverse engineering 161 in 1 cartridge to change Rom games

    Success! I asked JLC to get another engineer to look. Second engineer approved for manufacturing immediately.
  11. hatmoose

    Source for Repro Simm ram chips?

    Love this guide, thank you very much, would never have found it otherwise. Also designed this, its a Normal to Reverse adapter for the t48. Found to the reason that no-one sells them which is that every chip maker has a different idea of what "reverse' means - Fuj is flipped x, AMD is flipped...
  12. hatmoose

    Reverse engineering 161 in 1 cartridge to change Rom games

    Thank you very much for your amazing work on this, I am looking forward to trying it for myself! When I send the boards to JLCpcb I got a strange error from them saying they could not manufacture. I have never seen this error before and PCBway works as expected. So I revise the file...
  13. hatmoose

    Source for Repro Simm ram chips?

    I found testing and troubleshooting repro Simms to be exceptionally time consuming The only way I can make sure they are working is to solder all 8 chips to SIMM then write a game to them (probably several games to be sure). Sometimes my bad SIMMS will fail with a useful warning (YX where X is...
  14. hatmoose

    Server Upgrade / Downtime

    I assumed that it was just general internet connectivity slowness, but then realised that Arcadeprojects is the internet for me :-)
  15. hatmoose

    New Australian Distributor

    Now THIS is the reason AI image generators were invented. And a particularly sweet implementation too, I've been using Midjourney, but have never been able to get it to generate something this cool. Fun!
  16. hatmoose

    New Australian Distributor

    This is a smart business move for aje_fr and I hope its successful. By appointing a local distributor to service the ANZ market aje_fr made his product available to a lot of people who could not otherwise get it. Its a long way to France, we speak a different language, there are unfamiliar...
  17. hatmoose

    Hello, World!

    Hello and welcome, the 80s truly were the golden age of arcade gaming, do many games with amazing gameplay and graphics.
  18. hatmoose

    Capcom Games that push the hardware the most.

    SF3 3rd strike on CPS3 is pretty much the pinnacle of 2D sprite work. Capcom were at the peak of their power, had a powerhouse (in-house) sprite monster and every pixel artist was fighting to work on it. Truly the last and best of its kind. DDSOM on CPS2 was about as complex as it’s possible...
  19. hatmoose

    Hello hello hello!! 👋👋

    Welcome! Not much of the old school internet left, but much of it seems to find a home here.