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    Interest check on repro Sega 5380 key

    Yes. For the Q25. I have P5002 locks but no key. I managed to use sega 5380s as replacement locks but would like to use the original Capcom locks. Thanks!
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    Interest check on repro Sega 5380 key

    Interested in this and a Capcom key if that’s something you can also make.
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    Raspberry Pi TO JAMMA Arcade Cabinet Interface

    Picked up the Crown pcb and a pi4. Works really well with the RGB-pi rom packs. Tried out just the fbneo archive but the RGB pack is all remapped and organized. Highly recommended!
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    FS CPS3 and STV Multi

    Thanks. Hoping to keep it as a bundle for an easy ship but I’ll let you know.
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    FS CPS3 and STV Multi

    CPS3 DarkSoft Multi - $1200 obo Working and Tested CPS-3 Motherboard (PPU pins straightened and reflowed by Jose Cruz) UltraBIOs CD Version with SCSI2SD board Fully populated SIMMS for 3rd Strike STV Darksoft Multi Setup - $600 obo Clean and working STV Motherboard New STV Multicart (Original...
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    FS Nanao MS9-29 Chassis ---> Konami Windy Adapter Kits

    Interested in 2 for sure. Thanks!
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    Positive feedback for TritonDrew

    Thanks Chaos! Glad it went to a great guy. Enjoy the cab!
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    SOLD FS: Upgraded Noir Red

    Great seller and easy to work with. Congrats on the new baby!
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    SOLD SOLD: Hyper NeoGeo 64 Super Neo 29 Type 2 Cab

    Yup. I updated the original ad and price sold for.
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    SOLD SOLD: Hyper NeoGeo 64 Super Neo 29 Type 2 Cab

    Sold to CHAOS0187. Thanks!
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    SOLD SOLD: Hyper NeoGeo 64 Super Neo 29 Type 2 Cab

    Still available. Let’s make a deal! Local pickup preferred.
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    SOLD SOLD: Hyper NeoGeo 64 Super Neo 29 Type 2 Cab

    Original monitor and chassis (GMK-FS3) + Hitachi Chassis Super bright and clear tube. No Burn MVS 4 Slot board with Samurai Showdown 2, SVC Chaos, Shock Troopers and Puzzle Bobble Original Hyper Neo 64 control panel Brand new Seimitsu Sticks and Buttons Bezel has yellowing on the plastic but...
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    FS High Quality Convergence Strips for your Tubes

    I’d like a 20 pack. Thanks!
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    Project hoarder from California

    Welcome onekei! Fellow San Diegan as well!
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    FS Interest Check: Egret 2/3 and AWSD Move Strip/Glass Grip Brackets Repro

    Interested in a pair or two. Sent you a pm
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    WTB neo geo light up sign

    Sent you a PM
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    Japanese Game Center Control Panel Artwork Reproductions

    Interested in those strips. Thanks!
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    FS Coin Reject Credit Button Kits - Added AD-81P / AD-81P2 Universal Kit

    Interested in the vewlix, e2 and windy kits. Thanks!