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  1. Dakken

    Hi everyone !

  2. Dakken

    ATAPI/IDE ODE Testing

    Can I get that info as well?
  3. Dakken

    Dreamcast - Naomi Capcom Panel Official Interest Check

    very nice i'm in for 1
  4. Dakken

    Hello from Japan

  5. Dakken

    NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution

    I have no idea if I showed interest in one but I do want to be on the list to finally get one. Hopefully I'm on the list already if not I must and need to be :D
  6. Dakken

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    so ready for this:thumbsup:
  7. Dakken


    I'd like to be added for a main board and might as well see if i can get one of your system16 jamma adaptors as well
  8. Dakken

    FS (Sales Thread) SEGA I/O adapter for Vewlix cabinets

    I'm in for one not sure how I missed out on the first run as this is awesome
  9. Dakken

    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    The 256mb is for the video card not the mainboard ram. x2 doesn't post the system ram on boot up
  10. Dakken

    DARKSOFT Multi JVS v1.0

    i'll be in for one
  11. Dakken


  12. Dakken

    SEGA System 16 Multi LCD games selector [NOW REDUNDANT SEE OLED THREAD]

    The remote can be had for pretty cheap from alieexpress I think still have one or two left over from when I was hand building OSSC 1.5 so I'll be in for S16 and whenever the stv comes around
  13. Dakken

    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    i'm in for 1 this looks great
  14. Dakken

    ATAPI/IDE ODE Testing

    yup got one as well probably went on the list around that time as well
  15. Dakken

    PGM multicart interest check

    i'm in for 1
  16. Dakken

    DARKSOFT CPS3 Repro Carts!!

    I'll be in for another one myself
  17. Dakken

    BOUNTY: CPS1.5 games (with Q-Sound) on CPS2 multi

    Well I don't think I've thrown in earlier but I'll go ahead and pledge $50 for now.
  18. Dakken

    SYS2X6 USB Dongle -- System 246/256 Multi

    Sign me up for +1. Either list is fine for me
  19. Dakken

    Name for JVS2JAMMA board

    Can't wait to get that shipping notice this kit is going to be awesome.
  20. Dakken

    Name for JVS2JAMMA board

    i'd like to be added as well