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  1. corey

    How to get tekken 5 stages in tekken 5 DR

    yea im not sure DMing everyone that has happened to sell a dongle in the market place in the last 5 years is going to get you anywhere either
  2. corey

    Niko's JVS tool (Source code inside)

    Hey xer. Are you able to give a brief insight to how you are using the tool. Will help with trying to understand why it's stopping.
  3. corey

    Nesica RFID card readers K92X0331B pinout

    these are serial based RFID card readers and run off the USIO in a TTX4 or FF Dissidia. Other Card readers are JVS based and come with a USB header
  4. corey

    Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread

    I have used auspost for everything i have sent on here including sending a ttx2 to the Netherlands at $150 which was far cheaper than anywhere else. just with anything do the best packing you can.
  5. corey

    Taito Type X2 Upgrades and Mods

    No it won't work anything past e6xxx series is to new and was not work
  6. corey

    Under Defeat HD+, anyone?

    Ring has alot of tie in security processes. These will need to be handled along with a hook to change com3 to 2 Resource wise though you are correct and it could likely run
  7. corey

    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    Persona worked fine on my machine owtj a crt
  8. corey

    SOLD SYS2x6 USB dongle

  9. corey

    SOLD SYS2x6 USB dongle

    Hey people's Selling off a never used SYS2x6 USB dongle. This was purchased new from brizzo but I never ended up getting another 256 before selling off my cab. Looking for $200 aud plus shipping
  10. corey

    Anyone have attempted to make their own Nesica server yet?

    If you'd have legit fast io and card readers shoot me a pm. You will need to know how to mount an external registry in windows as well Basically it's copy a file in to the nesys folder of a game and make a registry change
  11. corey

    Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread

    We just got hit with a nice heavy downpour which is heading in the direction of the fires.
  12. corey

    Anyone have attempted to make their own Nesica server yet?

    I actually have a much further progressed server up for testing. I am just waiting on flybit to add full support for it in Jconfig. FF isnt supported in the version I have up at the moment as that portion wasn't written by me. Once I get some solid testing done and then do the extended...
  13. corey

    Tokyo shopping spots

    Nah no Osaka this time around. Do want to go there but planning didn't work this time around. Thinking of doing Japan for Xmas next year and take the kids so will likely plan to fly in to Tokyo and out of Osaka. Thanks for the suggestions as well.
  14. corey

    Tokyo shopping spots

    Hey guys. Heading out to Japan tomorrow. Second trip to Tokyo so will be doing more shopping this time. Besides MAK is there any other places to hit up for arcade stuff.
  15. corey

    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    is that for a "special" usf4 x3. If so it is likely the maker doesn't handle the E0 packet for jvs. All six buttons and start makes E0. You are supposed to escape a E0 but if you don't it will think a new command us sent and error cuse it will have no idea what to do next
  16. corey

    Game loader all rh jumps back to desktop after game start for around 20 seconds

    You may be better reaching out to the makers of the program for support. This forum isn't really the place for this kinda thing
  17. corey

    WTB Lets go jungle special edition download

    this is not the place to be asking for "Downloads" of things
  18. corey

    Type X3 - USF4 stuck in low res

    If it had to take a stab. This will have a rfid emu on the drive resulting in the dips to not be listened to and forced in 640 mode
  19. corey

    Taito FAST I/O JAMMA PCB K91X1204A & B - "Kick" harness diagram/pinout?

    I can't remember the connector but I use the same kick harness cable for a Sega io. Just had to shave the guides of the side to fit between the extra pins