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  1. dewmansnk

    JST Crimping tool

    Try squeezing the handles really hard. When I fist got my JST crimps I could not get the jaws open either. Turns out they just take alot of pressure to get to the last ratchet position to click, then they popped right open.
  2. dewmansnk

    Yoke and tube specs for monitors

    The Toshiba MCU seems to have a bug where it corrupts the I2C EPROM, and when this happens it corrupts the contrast value so you cannot change it. See this thread for the fix: You basically take the I2C...
  3. dewmansnk

    FS Taito Group Purchase Thread - Round 1 (Egret 2 OEM Stickers/Decals)

    PM sent for 3x sets. Really appreciate you making this happen!
  4. dewmansnk

    161 in 1 Upgrade - Parts Order Group Buy - PREORDERS LOCKED

    I'd like to increase my order: F0095H0 chips: 6 total Thanks
  5. dewmansnk

    161 in 1 Upgrade - Parts Order Group Buy - PREORDERS LOCKED

    F0095H0 chips: 3 V3 boards: 3 Thanks!
  6. dewmansnk

    FS High Quality Convergence Strips for your Tubes

    I'll take a 20 pack please.
  7. dewmansnk

    Toshiba PD1843 15khz dim image/low brightness

    Glad that fixed the issue. Looks like you ran into a different failure mode the first time around. The contrast being locked at 100 is the one I am used to seeing. I had been meaning to update my Tosh PF thread with this EEPROM fix, guess I need to get around to doing that.
  8. dewmansnk

    Toshiba PD1843 15khz dim image/low brightness

    It seemed like the EEPROM was fine in the instances I ran into, just the MCU writes out garbage data for some reason and corrupts the EEPROM. If you can adjust the contrast/brightness with the remote board, then I don't think you are running into the EEPROM corruption. In the cases I had seen...
  9. dewmansnk

    Toshiba PD1843 15khz dim image/low brightness

    The MCU on the Toshiba PF is responsible for controlling the I2C bus and changing the settings in the Video Amp-LM1269NA Deflection IC - NEC C1888FCT (NEC uPC 1888 ) All the settings in the OSD are just the MCU configuring either the video amp IC or the Deflection IC via I2C. The MCU saves...
  10. dewmansnk

    Meanwell to Sanwa SWN-JVS Adapter

    This interface PCB is derived from my other Meanwell interface PCB - It takes the Meanwell QP-150-3A and adapts the screw terminals to be compatible with a Sanwa SWN-JVS power supply. While similar in appearance to...
  11. dewmansnk

    Old/New Collector in Ohio.

    Welcome new old timer, nice cabs!
  12. dewmansnk

    AWSD Power Supply Interface PCB

    Its a M4 sized hole, so a M4 screw and nut should work. Looks like @notsonic beat me to it, he has the right idea.
  13. dewmansnk

    FS Interest Check: Egret 2/3 and AWSD Move Strip/Glass Grip Brackets Repro

    Put me down for at least 1 pair, probably 2. Curious how they end up looking with the powder coat.
  14. dewmansnk

    FOUND Need help with a rejuvenator in socal

    I actually just made a batch of B&K CR23 adapters for some friends and have 2 spares that I have been too lazy to list for sale. I'd do $40 each for them if needed. Also, I got a CR70 rejuv and am local if you need a hand @rewrite.
  15. dewmansnk

    DEGAUSSING COILS for Toshiba True Flat

    I believe a degauss coil from any 29" tube should work. When you degauss the PTC will dump the AC mains into the coil and the PTC will heat up from the current untill it goes open circuit. So the degauss coil should be fairly generic and not tube specific. Getting a degauss coil from another 29"...
  16. dewmansnk

    WTB Windy II front main pcb door

    Seems like your time to shine.
  17. dewmansnk


    This is also a good bird. I may know this one myself.
  18. dewmansnk

    FOUND Outzone

    There is a spiffy Outzone cab in Virginia on KLOV
  19. dewmansnk

    In this thread we tube and yoke swap monitors

    Any luck finding that TV model? This Toshiba A68KSA30X tube has really got me curious.