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  1. supabok

    WTB CAVE kit bubble wrap baggie

    I gotchu buddy :)
  2. supabok

    How do folks store their original arcade game art, labels, and other materials ???

    Nice collection...though my OCD is kicking in high gear with that cup of coffee(?) next to the folder of arcade artwork :D
  3. supabok

    FS Taito Group Purchase Thread - Round 1 (Egret 2 OEM Stickers/Decals)

    If I'm not too late, I'd be in for a set please :love:
  4. supabok

    FS Combo AV Ex+ Supergun - Seimitsu Stick / Sanwa Buttons

    I would imagine so but I don't have an rgb2comp so I can't test it out for you :( I did try this via rgb on a CRT and it worked just fine if that helps Edit: correction, audio out on this unit is via a headphone jack that splits out to l/r audio inputs
  5. supabok

    Wanted: move strip scans for Vewlix (Cave games)

    Emphatic has a section on his site for custom move strips: I've also bought one from someone on ebay before if you want to go the route of already printed ones:
  6. supabok

    [FS] RECO PCB - JAMMA button remapping & rapid-fire device

    Got mine early this week as well. Love the updates to the V.5. Well done!
  7. supabok

    SOLD NANAO MS9-29 Chassis for New Astro City

    Curious what this sold for?
  8. supabok

    [FS] RECO PCB - JAMMA button remapping & rapid-fire device

    Ordered as well! This update looks great!
  9. supabok

    FS Combo AV Ex+ Supergun - Seimitsu Stick / Sanwa Buttons

    $300 $250 shipped in the US. Bought this supergun during the pandemic and it's been sitting on a shelf ever since (I think i've turned it on maybe 4 times just to test it). Never got around to actually using it since I bought another cab at some point. Tested working via RGB cables & 8pin...
  10. supabok

    FS Vewlix Universal Monitor Mount

    Got around to installing the Vewlix mount this weekend! Amazing design, easy to set up and get mounted. Absolutely impressed with the overall build quality! Thanks again @FrancoB for creating this and making it available to the public <3
  11. supabok

    FS Vewlix Universal Monitor Mount

    Package received! Looking forward to the weekend to set this bad boy up! Thanks again @FrancoB !!!
  12. supabok

    FS Vewlix Universal Monitor Mount

    Hi FrancoB... Somehow I missed your invoice since it went to my other gmail account but payment sent :) Looking forward to this!! Thanks again!
  13. supabok

    FS High Quality Convergence Strips for your Tubes

    i'll take a 20 pack if you're still taking orders
  14. supabok

    Semitsu P=40 sticks (SELS-70X) in an Astro panel - how?

    Damn...that's too bad. Now that I reread your original post and see you're trying to slot it into an Astro City panel, I remember getting such a panel and wondering about the strange mount (as compared to the other NAC panels I had). I still have that panel and I think one of those Paradise...
  15. supabok

    Semitsu P=40 sticks (SELS-70X) in an Astro panel - how?

    Would something like this Seimitsu plate help? I think this is a new product from Seimitsu as i've never seen this plate before. Also it's flat so might need some extender rings for the shaft if your stick supports it. I'm thinking of...
  16. supabok

    E-ring pliers for 1-2mm e-ring

    This: or maybe these...
  17. supabok

    Need to know where I can get this particular part for joystick. Help please?

    I don't know what type of joystick kit you purchased but googling around turned up no parts for that brand that I could find. I did see this replacement kit on ebay For that price I personally would just get a new stick from here...
  18. supabok

    Home Arcade System

    Congrats on the store RGB! And I must say, that Jamma extension is a work of art!!!