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    Atomiswave Multi

    Arbitrarily removing the registration button...seems...silly. I too cannot register.
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    FS Pcb's for sale in Georgia USA

    Georgia country or georgia state?
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    Undoing the Cps1 China Special!

    So I picked up an aliexpress strider mostly out of curiosity. I figured worst case I ended up with spare parts and some decent eproms if things didn't turn out. I also wanted the challenge of trying to un-bodge it and see if I could get it working like factory as a spare A. The good: It was...
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    Irem M92 Multi Game Support

    Awesome! Now I am even more excited! :D
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    Irem M92 Multi Game Support

    As a feature request, or as perhaps an optional add on board, an idea that would be cool would be banked memory for saving high scores. Since the major title 2 board already had a slot for it, albeit it only works for one at a time, and patches exist already.
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    Irem M92 Conversion Log: Major Title 2->R-Type Leo

    Just wanted to say thanks for this. It helped immensely. For anyone else in the future wondering about sound look for the latest arcaderompatcher and run them thru that.
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    Irem M92 Multi Game Support

    I converted mine to In The Hunt in the meantime between the last post, golf got repetitive, as good as the game is, the other titles are more appealing. Dreaming of multi...:)
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    Irem m92 no sound +funky colour problem

    You can try re flowing the ga22 or ga21. My board had an issue with sprites until it warmed up that was completely fixed by re soldering each pin of the ga22 with quality leaded solder and flux. I don't think hot air will do it, it looked like someone had previously tried. Its fairly involved...
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    Irem m92 no sound +funky colour problem

    I can confirm the IC53 bodge is normal. If you put it back bad things happen with the video. Ask me how I
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    WTB Yellow Cps2 Case / Board

    Looking for a yellow B board shell but also willing to consider purchasing with board providing it works. Not terribly interested in what game it is, the more affordable the better, also willing to consider bare board with shell minus eproms/mask.
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    The Definitive Guide to CPS2 Conversions

    Doing a progear and am a little stumped. I see there's simm 1 a,b,c,d and so forth but do not know what slot that would correspond to with eproms. My best guess is simm 5 is slot 11 and simm 6 is slot 12 but beyond that I am lost. Can anyone please shed some light on this?
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    WTB Your unused bare CPS2 B board

    You have a deal. Pm sent, with questions.
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    Where is region/language contained in cps2?

    I have one further question. When it comes to simm games being converted to eprom bin, is there a handy way to know what slot the eprom should go into? And how it should be split? For example simm 1 part a&b combine into one eprom and c&d combine into one?
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    Cps1 Main Audio Chip

    Is there a source for the 12 pin audio chip heatsink that is close? Reversing the china bodge.
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    Taito F3 ENSONIQ correct voltage calibration

    Does one remove the tantalum to check the voltage on v6? Then reinstall? Or do you check it with it installed?
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    FS Darksoft multilabels + MVS marquee

    Still doing labels?