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  1. Sparkoids

    Show The PGM Some Love...

    Hi all, I have manufactured inserts for those who keep their PGM carts in the same boxes as NEO GEO MVS and AES games. They fit perfectly in the Ali-Express cases and original AES cases and are the same material as SNK used (they are slightly thicker which is a good thing). This is an...
  2. Sparkoids

    High Quality Work From Tim at GC8TECH

    Does that mean that DDP is now switchable between the two versions in one cart?
  3. Sparkoids

    Aliexpress Cases. All is good....
  4. Sparkoids

    WTB TAITO X3 404

    Is it possible to use a regular PC to act in the same manner as the Taito X3 / X4? I see people selling modified hard drives for this system is all....
  5. Sparkoids

    Aliexpress Cases. All is good....

    I ordered some of those Neo Geo cases from aliexpress and the quality is outstanding - better than original AES cases. Worse than clamshell Neo Geo X but very good. The sleeve artwork is excellent quality and is double printed. Now onto the PGM side... ... the carts are loose inside the outer...
  6. Sparkoids

    3D printed replacement cases for carts

    I have a vacuum former sat round doing nothing at the minute (it's for bases for a new control panel project) and a CNC to make the tools. The former bed is easily big enough to make inserts...
  7. Sparkoids

    IGS PGM 3P/4P adapter on AliExpress

    Talking of Ali-Express I thought the only PGM with a coin cell battery was the Rev 14? What is this version here...
  8. Sparkoids

    High Quality Work From Tim at GC8TECH

    Oh that convinces me then on those boards - I have my name on the list but have heard nothing yet...
  9. Sparkoids

    High Quality Work From Tim at GC8TECH

    It is the first PGM (and I have a few) that has ever just played every cartridge thrown at it first time. I hope Tim starts making and selling his eprom that allows both DDP versions to run...
  10. Sparkoids

    High Quality Work From Tim at GC8TECH

    Received a PGM Rev 14 from Tim in Australia and can confirm the unit is of the highest standard and worked perfectly first time with every cart I threw at it. Excellent communication and service and highly recommended...
  11. Sparkoids

    Brook retro board set up help!!

    or do you have the required circuit diagram to interface to the Retro board
  12. Sparkoids

    Brook retro board set up help!!

    Did this ever get resolved? I plugged a Brook Retro board into a SNES and the blue light comes on but nothing else works :-{
  13. Sparkoids

    The history of Robotron 2084

    I love this YouTube channel....
  14. Sparkoids

    Ketsui on PGM

    It'll be a while yet :-}
  15. Sparkoids

    Ketsui on PGM

    Nice one. I am correct to presume you have to 1cc it to get to loop 2? I have one of those Chinese Neo Geo MVS consoles with the supergun cable to use a PS4 fightstick on both the Neo Neo and PGM. I have a PS4 console with the M2 Ketsui disc next to it so am using the same controller and by...
  16. Sparkoids

    Ketsui on PGM

    Running through Ketsui on PGM in Easy mode I noticed that the ending is different to the PS4 M2 Shot Triggers game. It doesn't have that small nasty spaceship at the very end. Is that normal or a glitch in the conversion I have?
  17. Sparkoids

    PGM Motherboard Issue...

    I've emailed you from your site Tim...