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    One just came up for sale here:
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    FS Mister w/ Irken Labs JAMMA expander, Master of Weapon, etc

    That's not a Mistercade by @misteraddons, but an Irken Labs Jamma Expander made by @invzim :)
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    Hello from NL

    Yeah, that was me, can't say I didn't warn ya :D Ah dang, I just noticed. Hopefully @Darksoft will increase the batch size seeing as there is a lot of interest still.
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    Hello from NL

    Welcome here fellow Tweaker ;) May want to look at the Darksoft MVS multi instead, he's doing one more run of those :)
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    FS 486 DX2 PC DOS $350 each

    I wonder what the sandblaster is for, gonna give case a repaint? :D Nice machines here, glws!
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    SOLD Nanao Ms9-29 auto switch Chassis

    Damn, how many of these do you own? 🫣 Great seller here, got mine from @ArcSys101 as well!
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    This is not ok

    Where's the lol smiley when you need it 8o
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    Light gun multicade setup?

    Follow the jamma pinout, video sync is the other side of pin 13, pin P.
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    Light gun multicade setup?

    Not sure what details there are to provide :) I just literally hooked up a RCA jack to sync/ground, tapped it from the 15 pin AMP UP myself (NAC cab).
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    FS Neo Geo MV-2F

    Pricedrop, €130.
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    Raspberry Pi TO JAMMA Arcade Cabinet Interface

    Ah, you did good. There's not many compatibility issues with native RPi video levels afaik. I've always had good results with them, don't even need to touch the brightness coming from other PCB's/systems. Used it with multiple MS9's and Tosh PF.
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    Raspberry Pi TO JAMMA Arcade Cabinet Interface

    Correct, it does not have an RGB amp onboard. To quote atg: The video is the same on the 3 models, not amplified but with hi levels from the pi native.
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    FS Neo Geo MV-2F

  14. Sp33dFr34k

    FS Neo Geo MV-2F

    For sale, a Neo Geo MVS 2 slot board, the MV-2F. Board is in good condition, both slots tested and working. Battery needs replacement and there's a tiny fix on the bottom of the PCB. Asking €150, contact me for a shipping quote. Longtime member and dealt with many people here, but I'm not...
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    Naomi Pi 'WiPi Netbooter' - compatible with Pi 3&4

    It's not like the Pi is exposed outside of your LAN, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.
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    WTB Wtb ms9 auto switching chassis

    Got mine from @ArcSys101, maybe he has some left?
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    MiSTerAddons MiSTercade - MiSTer for JAMMA cabinets

    Not really, afaik the MiSTer acts more as a passthrough currently, but it's a start :)
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    FS Account hacked, be smart

    Damn, sorry this happened to you guys... Friendly advice, use a password manager and generate random passwords. Never use the same password twice. Don't connect to fishy free wifi hotspots, also goes for hotels and stuff. You never know who's watching... also make sure to only login to https...
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    Raspberry Pi TO JAMMA Arcade Cabinet Interface

    It is, my comment was purely regarding the software mentioned above (OS4).
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    Raspberry Pi TO JAMMA Arcade Cabinet Interface

    There is no software compatible yet with Pi5 afaik. The RGBPi dev is working on a new OS (Replay OS), but it's not finished yet.