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  1. themisterfalcon

    SOLD Robocop JAMMA PCB

    As the title states, works fine without issues. I am asking $220 shipped CONUS. PP Gift or Venmo accepted. Thanks!
  2. themisterfalcon

    FS IC/PC: exa Arcadia crimson katana & sdoj

    Not to muck up this sales thread more, but Shou/exA have always been more than helpful with warranties and upgrades for me, even in the case of a used system I had purchased from someone on AO. I currently have 2 motherboards and multiple carts and have had all of them updated quickly and with...
  3. themisterfalcon

    Positive feedback: SC-Ultra

    I purchased a Karnov PCB from @SC-Ultra. Great communication, awesome packing job, and zero nonsense. Thank you again for the great transaction! :thumbup:
  4. themisterfalcon

    Nanao Ms9, with Toshiba tube, red spot issue

    Awesome work. It took me years to get comfortable with doing this myself. It's not easy to do or for the faint of heart. Congrats on the win!
  5. themisterfalcon

    Tekken 4 can only reach this screen and then it keeps freezing.

    Namco 2X6 can sometimes stall during boot due to the following reasons: - Low voltage: check your voltage under load with a multimeter on your I/O to ensure a full 5v is getting to the unit - Drive / Disc errors: check your disc and make sure it's clean and free of fingerprints and debris. And...
  6. themisterfalcon

    FS Toei TC-L292 / Neotec NT-550DX Chassis (Untested)

    - These chassis are being sold AS-IS as I cannot test them. - Price includes UPS Ground shipping in the US. - Discount if you buy more than one. - PP Gift or Venmo only. Toei TC-L292 - A - $60 Shipped No remote board included but this one has a sub-board on a riser. Toei TC-L292 - B - $70...
  7. themisterfalcon

    FS Taito Vewlix Parts - Control Panel Locking Bracket / Orange Diamond Sides

    Taito Vewlix Control Panel Locking Bar Hardware + Tang $100 $80 shipped CONUS. PP Gift only. Will not separate parts. Only selling as a set. If you also need a LY1153 Lock I can add one for $15 additional. Please let me know. Taito Vewlix Diamond Orange Control Panel Sides $70 $50 shipped...
  8. themisterfalcon

    SOLD SNK Candy 25 2L6B Panel (Original)

    Original 2-piece SNK Candy 25 Panel for sale. Measures 495mm x 122mm I purchased this intending to use it on an SNK table however it is too large. This will not fit Aero or Canary cabinets. I have not done much to it but am confident it would clean up nicely. Asking $60 shipped CONUS. PP Gift...
  9. themisterfalcon

    FS MS9 Yoke Flip Kits

    Please put me down for two, Egret 2 style, thank you!
  10. themisterfalcon

    Replacing Egret 3 Monitor - do you have to de-frame???

    You don't have to take the frame rails off to rotate it, the brackets("metal bars") work the same for horizontal and vertical orientation. But you do need to remove the neckboard as the lead is generally rather short on it. Once you remove the neck board, you can pull the tube straight out a...
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    Bump for a great seller and a personal close friend of mine. GLWS!
  12. themisterfalcon

    SOLD JP Region Dreamcast Games

    One last bump before I slog these to eBay. Open to offers!
  13. themisterfalcon

    FS Arcade Spring Cleaning - Taito Fast IOs, Vewlix VS PCBs, Sega IOs

    Bump, added an IGS Road of the Sword PCB.
  14. themisterfalcon

    FS Arcade Spring Cleaning - Taito Fast IOs, Vewlix VS PCBs, Sega IOs

    Bump, added a Taito Type X2. Prices dropped on a couple of things. Open to offers on anything listed!
  15. themisterfalcon

    Super Neo 29 Power Supply (S8XA-500)

    I doubt it. Your tube is probably not "blown". Maybe the chassis isn't hooked up correctly? Or maybe a fuse is blown? Just throwing ideas out here. Also, FWIW the Hitachi tube in that cab will take an MS9 with some simple adapters or light modifications. Remy sells kits on ebay for adapting an...
  16. themisterfalcon

    Super Neo 29 Power Supply (S8XA-500)

    It's just an AC outlet, you could plug anything into it to test, like a lamp. Otherwise, you can buy a 2 lead tester for testing wall plugs at Home Depot, Lowe's, etc. for around $10. Or you could use that $10 to buy new leads for your multimeter. Alternatively, the FL UNIT connector outputs...