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  1. ItsBobDudes

    Powering Virtua Fighter 2 Rev B

    That harness looks like it is originally meant for model 3.
  2. ItsBobDudes

    SOLD $6k each QUICK sale 2 Aero Tables for Sale/Trade

    How much these end up going for ?
  3. ItsBobDudes

    FS Gone forever ♥

    It can be overlooks to save $2000+
  4. ItsBobDudes

    FS Gone forever ♥

    This: plus this:
  5. ItsBobDudes


    When is the ceremony? I didn’t miss it did I?
  6. ItsBobDudes

    CPS2 Multi 5v issue? ["FIXED"]

    Also if you get one of those in-line volt meters, make sure to verify its measurement using a known good and reliable multimeter at least once.
  7. ItsBobDudes

    WTB CAVE kit bubble wrap baggie

    Someone had to do it...
  8. ItsBobDudes

    Interest check on repro Sega 5380 key

    Can you use iron filings to visualize where the magnets are placed within the key ?
  9. ItsBobDudes

    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    This is with Mister at 1080p. I think I am going to get beat down in SF6 in 4k mostly :D. I doubt any pictures will do it justice. I am just reporting that the monitor fits in the brackets.
  10. ItsBobDudes

    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    If anyone is into that 4k QD-OLED, the Gigabyte FO32U2 fit in my Rev C Hadouken bracket like a glove.
  11. ItsBobDudes

    Positive Feedback: nork69

    I was part of a nice and easy sale to @nork69. Everyone was happy.
  12. ItsBobDudes

    Positive feedback for zak/fuzzbuddy

    I bought some cool games from a great guy @fuzzbuddy. Thanks again!
  13. ItsBobDudes

    Negative Feedback for JohnRambo'sKnife

    I have received chassis from Tony in the past and they have been packaged adequately. Just my data point.
  14. ItsBobDudes

    MVS 4 Slot sound on only slot 1 and 3 not 2 and 4

    I know you said you cleaned the slots, but did you hit them with something like contact cleaner ?
  15. ItsBobDudes

    Cave CV1000-D bootlegs a hoy

    Is he taking below $1k each yet?
  16. ItsBobDudes

    Cave CV1000-D bootlegs a hoy

    It’s a bootleg of Mega Black Label. A real MBL goes for much more than the vanilla DS.
  17. ItsBobDudes

    FS Super Famicom Box stock clearance - $500 shipped US

    Extra cart costs $500. I don’t see the problem. 😉
  18. ItsBobDudes

    Cave CV1000-D bootlegs a hoy

    I wonder when a 1000B board will show up...
  19. ItsBobDudes

    Cave CV1000-D bootlegs a hoy

    If these hit Ali Express I’m sure it will be a race to the bottom for pricing. Hopefully sub $500
  20. ItsBobDudes

    FS Taito Group Purchase Thread - Round 1 (Egret 2 OEM Stickers/Decals)

    You should make that clear in the first post too. Otherwise people are gonna ask for IL panels every new page not having seen page 3 conversations.