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    FS Strato fighter

    Open to trades,shooters from the same era
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    FS Strato fighter

    Mint strato fighter £350
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    FS Espgaluda 1/2 ,mushi

    Precious cave cardboard!even fake cave cardboard!🤣
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    FS Espgaluda 1/2 ,mushi

    So a repo box is key for a sale??🤔
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    FS Espgaluda 1/2 ,mushi

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    SOLD PENDING: Namco Consolette 18

    cool fkn cab!glws
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    FS Espgaluda 1/2 ,mushi

    Great to see mushi in its natural habitat!awsome!
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    Positive feedback for Astro_zombie 138

    Awsome dude,great communication,and shipped fast💪
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    FS Espgaluda 1/2 ,mushi

    Thanks for the kind words dudes 🙏
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    FS Espgaluda 1/2 ,mushi

    Bump.take both for 2k.will include shipping worldwide
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    FS Espgaluda 1/2 ,mushi

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    FS Espgaluda 1/2 ,mushi

    Mushi-move strip og has a stain on,high quality arts print -£1300
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    FS Espgaluda 1/2 ,mushi

    Espgaluda 2-£1100
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    FS Espgaluda 1/2 ,mushi

    Espgaluda 1,with pop,move strip,header,instructions £1000
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    a hello from hokkaido(Japan)

    Wow!truley magnificent!great to see there are treasure troves like this exists!
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    FS ssv 4N1 Ultra X Weapons Vasara 1/2 Change Air Blade rom pcb

    I picked one up came with 2 sram,stupid question but which ones are the sram,I assume it’s the two together near the bottom of the board,anyone drop me a pic,most appreciated 👍
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    Ms9 in a blast city

    Crts are black magic!
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    Positive feed back for derick

    Great dude,went the extra mile👍well known member 100% trust
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    FS Account hacked, be smart

    Wtf!,so if it wasn’t a hack did they just guess the password?damm feel for bros who got done,hope you can recover and moneys lost!terrible situation for the forum,almost like we have been attacked 🤬
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    Dodonpachi Campaign Ver.

    just wanna congratulate on the the effort you put in to bring some kinda version of campaign to the masses,I think we all respect that a lot.hopefully your decision not to release is actually down to a commercial release.exa or m2 either it’s il be disappointed if we don’t get any news...