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  1. GoldenGlover

    FS Killer Instinct 1

    Beautiful cab. GLWS
  2. GoldenGlover

    Positive feedback to Astro Zombie138 for 1941: Counter Attack

    I will miss the weekly bump posts tho. |;_;| Glad to see it made it to a new home. 🫡
  3. GoldenGlover

    This is not ok

    Life’s way too short to get angry on an arcade enthusiast message board.
  4. GoldenGlover

    FS Gone forever ♥

    +1 that it’s a free market, but glad to see that common sense ultimately intervened.
  5. GoldenGlover

    FS Gone forever ♥

  6. GoldenGlover

    WTB Your unused bare CPS2 B board

    I don’t care what region or version it is… I’m looking for a spare CPS2 B board, preferably bare (without a case and with or without roms). If you have one gathering dust on a shelf let me buy it from you!
  7. GoldenGlover

    SCAM Prevention, Education

    Might I make a suggestion that this topic be pinned somewhere here, especially for newer users? Would be good for everyone to have this for top of mind awareness. These forums are incredible when used responsibly & I’d hate for a few bad actors (read: scammers) to turn this place on its head.
  8. GoldenGlover

    Capcom Games that push the hardware the most.

    Progear’s Stage 2 boss (second form) also comes to mind with regard to slowdown. I read in an interview some years back that Joker Jun’s team had a tough time programming the game due to CPS2’s hardware limitations.
  9. GoldenGlover

    CPS3 Issue [95682A-3] - Video Output Issue (Fuzzy Color Only) - Any help appreciated

    Yes, the Darksoft splash screenshould normally come up even without SIMMS installed - it’ll just stop loading with a “not enough memory” warning. My $ is there being something wrong with either your motherboard or SIMMS.
  10. GoldenGlover

    CPS3 Issue [95682A-3] - Video Output Issue (Fuzzy Color Only) - Any help appreciated

    I now wonder if one of thr chips on your SIMMS might be loose. Can you visually inspect the SIMMS and see if there are any lifted/loose traces? The CCU is right behind the cartridge slot (one of the two customs located side by side).
  11. GoldenGlover

    CPS3 Issue [95682A-3] - Video Output Issue (Fuzzy Color Only) - Any help appreciated

    I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble here, but these screens to me appear like there’s an issue with one of the customs or rams. Before doing anything else, try doing this: power up the board & leave it on for at least a minute. Then, check & see if any of the components such as the PPU, the...
  12. GoldenGlover

    CPS arcade cabinet design

    Nope; you didn’t. I asked you where you were (location). Try again, AI!
  13. GoldenGlover

    CPS arcade cabinet design

    Notice how he/it still didn’t answer my prior question.
  14. GoldenGlover

    CPS arcade cabinet design

    Something tells me this user (Cg2234) might be ChatGPT-derived. It hasn’t responded directly to anyone & the grammar use in the original post sounds very synthetic (there are missing words in sentences, etc)… Hey @Cg2234 , where are you? (Let’s see what automatic response I might get).
  15. GoldenGlover

    WTB 90631C-5 C board

    I’m on the lookout for a working 90631C-5 C board, preferably unmodified. Can be suicided. Feel free to PM if you’ve got one you don’t want/need anymore!
  16. GoldenGlover

    Negative feedback for arcadesalesgr

    If he also has an eBay handle it’d be good to know about that & avoid him there too.
  17. GoldenGlover

    WTB Looking for CPS3 Empty Cart Shell

    I also have a black one if you might be interested.
  18. GoldenGlover

    SOLD Capcom CPS3 Darksoft Multi setup

    There is no “going rate”; are you aware of the dozens of countries posters represent here? The market is simply what people are willing to pay at any one time. Btw, your $622 USD Darksoft setup (which I’m sure omits the proxy fee you paid) uses repro/converted simms & a SCSI emulator device…I...
  19. GoldenGlover

    How to get the pixel/dot clock of an arcade game for the OSSC

    FWIW I’ve found lowering the R, G or B values/intensity on the OSSC (via the “Video in Proc”) menu can greatly reduce and/or eliminate color artifacts. I used to have some wicked green push/noisy pixels on CPS3 that had to have my G level adjusted downward to alleviate.