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    FS Midway Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Jamma PCB *Works Great*

    Tested, works great. Original. $350 + ship :)
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    Sega Teradrive Modifications / New Boards that's where the new ISA boards are. If you want one just PM me here. Down here is the prototype for the replacement Genesis/Megadrive riser card. This converts the top connector to another Megadrive/Genesis cart connector so you can plug the 32x into it...
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    Sega Teradrive Modifications / New Boards

    Oh I'll do more. I'm also moving on to cooler things for the Teradrive as well....(cough cough replacing the Genesis/Megadrive riser card so it can actually hook up to a 32x....cough cough)
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    Sega Teradrive Modifications / New Boards

    Ack, sorry @Monstermug I can make one if you're interested. I have the parts I believe.
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    SOLD Taito Night Strikers Arcade PCB

    Fixed this one up. Works great, one of the all time favorites. US version. Quite clean. Not Jamma. $2200 shipped worldwide.
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    Taito Night Striker Dedicated Manual

    This is for the dedicated version of Night Striker, IE hens teeth, enjoy!
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    SOLD BattleToads Arcade Jamma PCB

    Works great. All caps have been changed, sockets have been replaced with machine sockets, new battery holder and new battery. Customs reflowed. $800 + shipping
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    FS Sharp SF1 21" Super Famicom TV

    Nah, it wasn't by Sea, but it was just very brittle I guess.
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    FS Sharp SF1 21" Super Famicom TV

    Man I think those TVs are so cool. I tried importing one, arrived in pieces lol. Good luck with the sale!
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    SOLD Atari Mace the Dark Age Arcade Jamma PCB *Works Great* w/ Flash

    Tested, works great. Battery has been replaced and the Galileo chip has been reflowed. $225 + shipping
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    7800 GS AGP Help

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    7800 GS AGP Help

    There is no "Sega" bios. They locked it to a specific bios version, it has to be 5.70, not 5.71. You can't downgrade it either because 5.71 versions of the card are a different GPU version.
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    Cave CV1000-D bootlegs a hoy

    I doubt ebay would do anything about it...they tend not to with bootleg arcade boards heh.
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    Cave CV1000-D bootlegs a hoy

    It would be, but at this point he's passing them off as real, except a conversion. I would def pay a few hundred...not 1.5k tho.
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    Cave CV1000-D bootlegs a hoy Not just a conversion, but a bootleg, remake of the PCB. Check out the silk screen vs a real pcb, the soldering on empty pads vs a real pcb and probably a few other things. He's selling a bunch of these. Also think about it...what's the point of converting...
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    SOLD Konami Crypt Killer Arcade Jamma PCB w/ SSD Scsi HDD

    Works great. Comes with a Zulu SCSI hdd instead of the original Toshiba hdd. $300 + shipping.
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    SOLD Konami Tobe! Polystars M2 Arcade Jamma PCB

    Works great. Has been converted from another game, so it has a CDR. Cleaned off, added heatsinks, etc. These boards are getting harder to find. Has top too. $500 + shipping
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    FS Sega Arcade 315-5211A Sprite Chip *Works Great*

    Have a few of these. Used on Sega X boards like afterburner. If you need one, you need one lol. $250 shipped each.