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    MITSU CPS1.X Multi Dual Crystal

    Awesome,1 full kit for me please
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    DARKSOFT CPS1 Multi - Support thread

    I feel so stupid ! When installing the multi, I've replaced SOU1 PAL chip on the A-board with the one included in the kit, instead of replacing the PRG1 PAL chip :S Putting the PALs at their right place solved all my issues, now everything is working fine :thumbsup: Lesson learned: never install...
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    DARKSOFT CPS1 Multi - Support thread

    I have a TOP3100, I could give it a try
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    DARKSOFT CPS1 Multi - Support thread

    I've checked the voltage and it's ok (thanks for the PDF). I've tried another c-board (see picture below) and I have the exact same issue (but as said, I already tried with another c-board which is working with multi AJE). Unfortunately, with all my 3 c-boards, I still have no sound at all and...
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    DARKSOFT CPS1 Multi - Support thread

    Yes I've changed the PAL on the A board. I now have the one with PRG1 written on it (strangly the old one has SOU1 written on it). Here is my C board (I've cut the patch wire) Everything sounds correctly soldered and at the right place I've tried another C board (the one which works with...
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    DARKSOFT CPS1 Multi - Support thread

    Hi, I've finally managed to unbox my CPS1 multi and installed it :D Unfortunatelly I don't have any sound whatever the loaded game, everything else sounds good. It's even worth with CPS 1.5 games, I have either a black screen, either RAM ERR message. What I've tried so far Check voltage Try...
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    Official: CPS1 (CPS1.5) Multi by Darksoft/Apocalypse - Interest Check Thread

    #42 on the list SYG order #3403 Can't wait :thumbsup:
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    Hello from France / Lux. !

    Welcome, I'm French but live in Luxembourg ;)
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    Nesica panel repro surround + reader housing

    I'm in for a black one if it's still available.
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    Playing TTX2 multi on the TTX3 hardware

    Great, thanks. You cand find those games by searching for gametype=jvs in their config.ini file (spica adventure is in the list as well), all the others should be fastio compatible. The thing I don't understand is what is the magic behind this gametype=jvs and what make them working on a TTX2...
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    Playing TTX2 multi on the TTX3 hardware

    Thanks for your feedback. That what I was thinking, because on the Niko's multi, this game has a config having gametype=jvs. Could you elaborate a bit for JVSEmu ? You mean using JVSEmu with Jconfig, then fast2kb ?
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    Playing TTX2 multi on the TTX3 hardware

    Thanks @Murray for this image. Does Battle Fantasia work for you ? I have a a TTX2 with a fastio card and the game works on it, but on the ttx3, it doesn't work :(
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    Vewlix Console I/O - Connect Brook fighting boards directly to your Vewlix.

    Hi, is there a way to connect L3 or R3 to an external button like we can do with home and select ?
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    Everten Taito F3 IO Board (Stereo Audio + CPS2 kick)

    If it's still available, add me to the list with a Lions 3 case riser. Thanks
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    TTX3 and JVS I/O

    Hi, I have a Vewlix with a Taito JVS I/O board. I'm wondering if a TTX3 requires a fast io / rfid or if it's possible to use only my JVS io board. Thanks
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    DARKSOFT New CPSIII Ultra Simms! 8 times the size of a regular SIMM

    I'm in for sure. I hope there will be an option to have a deported dipswitch selector.
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    DARKSOFT Multi JVS v1.0

    I'm in for 1 !
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    Vewlix Console I/O - Connect Brook fighting boards directly to your Vewlix.

    Hi, I've receive my brook fighting board, but from what I understand, I need to solder pin headers on it so I can connect it to the I/O PCB ?