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  1. promking

    Home Arcade System

    Got one, thank you so much!
  2. promking

    Hello from Long Island

    Where? I live in Medford work in Hampton Bays
  3. promking

    Very positive feedback for Monstermug

    Just wanted to take the time, and write a very positive experience I had with a user on here. You always hear about the bad! Very rarely do you hear about the good! I have nothing but great things to say about Monstermug. Monstermug is an all around amazing person that I'm glad to call a friend...
  4. promking

    Hello from Long Island

    Where on Long Island are you?
  5. promking

    WTB WTB: Supergun

    Gatekeeping??? Uh okay... Look at my search my history... I asked for instructions on how to wire my PSU properly so I didn't make a mistake, but it's the honest truth. You shouldn't be afraid to wire a PSU in this hobby. Or at least learn the basics. Not every PCB you buy is going to work...
  6. promking

    WTB WTB: Supergun

    No offense to this, but If you can't wire a PSU, playing with arcade boards shouldn't be one of your hobbies then. HAS all the way.
  7. promking

    FS WTT for PCBS :) Decent stuff

    I have a Sealed Analogue Duo I have a Sealed copy of Xenogears 3 collectors edition Lunar Silver Star game only and meh manual - Disc has been resurfaced, it plays, but it's in okay shape. Guide is usable, but not really that great. More pics can be provided. Godzilla for PS4, the artwork had...
  8. promking

    Home Arcade System

    View: Can't wait.
  9. promking

    Konami 3-4 Player Supergun Harness & Stereo Audio Lead

    Bump because I'm curious
  10. promking

    SOLD SOLD: Viper Phase 1: USA (new ver) PCB

    Such a great game!
  11. promking

    PGM Cart Shockbox Insert

    I’m looking to do this now. Have to find a friend with a 3d printer now lol
  12. promking

    Positive Feedback for tonyt76

    Positive feedback for Tony. Items arrived safe, packaged well, all around good guy to deal with. Have done a few transactions now. Thanks again
  13. promking

    FS faulty jamma / not jamma pcb for sale for arcade fixers

    Buy with confidence great seller
  14. promking

    WTB WTB Simpsons , Sunset Riders, Turtles and Time & Cowboy Moo Mesa

    Purchased sunset riders, and turtles ! Wrestlefest technos Desert assault I’m also looking for!
  15. promking

    WTB WTB Simpsons , Sunset Riders, Turtles and Time & Cowboy Moo Mesa

    Looking for these PCBs please. Hopefully shipping from the United States. Thank you