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    FS Sega Aero Table Speaker Pod Interest check (and possible pre-order)

    These keep getting asked about. I need to compile a list of everybody who might want one. Details will follow, potential pre-purchase. I may hand the job off to Hursuit if he's still willing, depending on what timeframe I'll need, cost to do it stateside, etc. Who wants one? 3 so far: *bill...
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    FS CPS2 - Battle Circuit, D&D SOM

    Man. If only you were closer. Will you take $50? My daughter loves this!
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    WTB WTB Swat Police, Blazing Tornado, Various MSX//Sharp x68000 titles, please

    Blazing Tornado Arcade, 1 on 1 govt, Swat Police, Space Manbow MSX (complete), Castlevania (Sharp, complete) Thanks guys!
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    FS Various boards(Pre jamma to Cave), DFK, Feveron, etc.

    GaPlus w/ jamma adapter $240 shipped Robocop $275 shipped Galaga 88 $580 shipped (temp hold) Sky Shark (graphical minor lines on some sprites) $105 DoDonpachi DFK 1.5 in...
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    FS Egret 2 coin bucket (oem)

    OEM, authentic. $175 shipped (what I have into it). It's in decent shape, all original.
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    FOUND Sega Naomi universal/ new net city parts

    Getting backed out on a deal a week and a half in is not pleasant, at least the project is a fun one and I'm happy for ya! These are some great cabs. Do you have pics of the project box so we can see what you're working with? RE: parts: Do you have a preference for the model of I/O board...
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    MITSU Wait List: Batman Forever sound pcb repro

    is there any way to get in for one of these? Not sure how I missed this. Thanks!
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    Hantarex Polo 25

    cut a wood piece for that back door re: Hantarex- a good monitor shop can fix it. Sometimes chassis pop up on ebay too. Good luck!
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    FS Various candy cabinet arcade PCB area / main doors (reproduction + oem)

    yes *but* you'll need to pay shipping or come get it. Up to you!
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    FS Various candy cabinet arcade PCB area / main doors (reproduction + oem)

    E2/AWSD/E3 Reproduction 1:1 powder coated (semi gloss white) main door $120 shipped usa MVS U4-25 SNK Neo Geo Cabinet OEM door (2 available) $120 $ 140 shipped (slight differences) E2/AWSD/E3 reproduction glass $20 additional to either above purchase Thanks for looking!
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    FS Various jamma and otherwise PCBs

    shoot me a DM with your phone number or email address and I can send pics. Thanks!
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    FS Various jamma and otherwise PCBs

    Getting a few boards in as trade towards metal work. I don't have any haggle room as I'm the middle man, but everything listed will be in my hand within a day or so for pics/information/testing. Cabinet parts are mine and are here right now. GaPlus (TBD) Fever Sos $1000 Robocop (TBD) Galaga 88...
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    FS FS MVSu4 PCB Doors, Egret 2 Door, Egret 2 coin Box, Aero Table Coin Box, Astro City Bezel, Donpachi

    MVSU4 doors (oem), $120 shipped ea Egret 2 Door $100 shipped E2 coin box $140 shipped (oem) Aero Table Coin Box ($110 shipped) Aero Table Marquee Spinner (unchromed, no plexi yet) $175 shipped USA Astro City Bezel (tbd) Donpachi $800 shipped (tested, working) Prices are for the USA...