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  1. Adrick

    FS Sigma raijin gold metal body only +box

    Edit the price for members, bump.
  2. Adrick

    WTB Wanted【SEIMITSU】 Key Switch for Push Button (Board mounting type) 【MM9-2】

    Well, I finally found the switches, my model has them welded to the turbos. Thank you for your help, if someone else has a problem my post can be of great help. Greetings Adri.
  3. Adrick

    FS Sigma raijin gold metal body only +box

    Hello guys i sold Sigma raijin single metal body in gilt defects in the second photo. Price for members 150e+shipping. Greetings Adri 😊🙏
  4. Adrick

    WTB Wanted【SEIMITSU】 Key Switch for Push Button (Board mounting type) 【MM9-2】

    Hi guys, I think I have broken all 4 swiches on my sigma raijin in an attempt to get the buttons out, anyone offering to sell me 4 to help me ? Thank you very much adri. Pics mm9-2 for seimitsu.
  5. Adrick

    FS sega naomi/net/new net city panel

    I think it's around 47e, although it was already sold a few weeks ago, thank you all for participating. Greetings adri ☺ Sold
  6. Adrick

    Working on a Sega Blast City

    Love it 😍😎👍
  7. Adrick

    WTB Wanted New Net City Side Art NOS

    Long version, although for the moment I am not going to put them on, I will keep them as a collector's item since I bought the metal legs from Japan with stickers in good condition.
  8. Adrick

    FS Street Fighter II Super Turbo Z back

    What a nice one, first time I've seen it, good luck with the sale, very good price.
  9. Adrick

    [FS] JAMMA extension harness

    That's why I ordered it and also a quality product, when it is in stock don't hesitate to order it.
  10. Adrick

    WTB Aliexpress Coupon Codes

    Thank you my friend 😊🙏
  11. Adrick

    FS sega sls original ashtrays

    I have a white one from gateninety with logo this one would be 25€ plus shipping if you are interested ? Adri
  12. Adrick

    FS sega sls original ashtrays

    These are the last original ashtrays that Sega released, they do not have any logo, you can make logos but they are very expensive and it is called vinyl cutting that has to be done by a professional that is how the logos are put on the ashtrays, that or look for a sega sticker. I have no...
  13. Adrick

    Sega Net City Restoration

    I did the same
  14. Adrick

    FS sega sls original ashtrays

    original sega sls ashtrays, they are new, two units, one of them has two light touches in the corners and the other one has a light rubbing inside. i have three ashtrays with the sega logo, i sell both ashtrays because i have too many. The logo ashtray is an example from my sls but you will...