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  1. MetalliC

    Sega Naomi Error 03 Issues

    too many years passed, so I can't remember, sorry if that patch will not help, I'd guess the easiest solution can be check PCB if it have place for 93c46 EEPROM, and if yes remove x76f100 and place 93c46 instead
  2. MetalliC

    FS [SOLD] DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu Black Label (Bootleg)

    check CV1K PCBs prices history, right about time when its emulation happen, ~2011-2013 or so ;) as I recall prices has been dropped as low as several hundred bucks for not super popular games and their versions
  3. MetalliC

    transfergame.exe and Netdimm 4.02 firmware

    simply buy zero PIC key for NetDIMM off ebay
  4. MetalliC

    Midway (Williams) Y unit (Z unit and T unit) Discussion, Serial Numbers etc

    perhaps game code doesn't use that symbols from SYSEQU.ASM? check MKINIT.ASM initdata: - I see there mostly hardcoded values
  5. MetalliC

    transfergame.exe and Netdimm 4.02 firmware

    then check guide again ;) at least try to read it until the part where it says you should have/use special "zero key" chip, otherwise it will not work technically your 456E key from WCCF2005/6 can be used too, but all the binaries uploaded to DIMM should be encrypted using 456E chip's DES key
  6. MetalliC

    ATOMISWAVE - Hardware Catalog Thread

    that plus information about unlocked characters/features and other goodies. the whole idea was similar to Virtua Fighter 4 network system they are memory cards, and they had kind of backup of player profile and game progress data from servers, for the case if owner will play the game on some...
  7. MetalliC

    Capcom Games that push the hardware the most.

    quite hard question, because it was unknown CPS 2 or 1 hardware limitations until few years ago, when CPS-2 chips was reverse engineered, so I'd say there very few people on this planet who have good understanding which was actual power/limits of CPS1 and 2 platforms, and they aren't on this...
  8. MetalliC

    Cave CV1000-D bootlegs a hoy

    technically it's still in MAME, commented out because of Exa's legal request, but it takes only few seconds to return katana and sdoj back ;)
  9. MetalliC

    MVC2 bad rom chip - is this normal?

    IC14 sum should be 60E5/C4CD, not much difference compared to numbers shown of the photo. probably few bits bitrot in this mask ROM. not fatal, you can live with that :)
  10. MetalliC

    Cave CV1000-D bootlegs a hoy

    not sure if I understand the question...
  11. MetalliC

    Cave CV1000-D bootlegs a hoy

    but... CV1K D is in fact a CV1K B with larger memory ;) and that's the only possible problem I may imagine, because "larger memory" is not that simple in SDRAM world, and may require a bit different SH3's SDRAM controller configuration.
  12. MetalliC

    Cave CV1000-D bootlegs a hoy

    does it really matters? high probable CV1K D backwards compatible with B games
  13. MetalliC

    DARKSOFT Games Fixed to work with DIMM

    special sensor I/O board connected to Naomi (CRX or 2) serial port, or some device which will simulate it. no
  14. MetalliC

    Atomiswave Multi

    you're welcome worth to mention it's possible thanks to work of me and @brizzo several years ago, when we reverse engineered checksum protection performed by Atomiswave ASICs, so now it's possible to hack/edit AW game binaries and run them on real AW, or create some homebews. a bit documented...
  15. MetalliC

    Naomi Widescreen Hack

    it's by design, it's same in any emulator with recompiler, due to block-based nature sorry, there is no such feature, in later versions at least
  16. MetalliC

    Will be dumping the undumped medalusion games Megaman Battle Chip Stadium and Medal Operation - want to confirm process

    FWIW - how works protection in Capcom Medalusion games: code read 20bytes from very beginning of CF card (scrambled game name) then XORing them with 20 bytes of ATA IDENT reply starting from offset 0x14 (SN# area) then XORing together these 20 bytes each other, result byte should be 0.
  17. MetalliC

    Will be dumping the undumped medalusion games Megaman Battle Chip Stadium and Medal Operation - want to confirm process

    yes, he dumped ROMs and CF yesterday, but was unable to dump ATA ID properly. it's not super big problem, because this game, same as Pingu, expects SN# area (20bytes starting from offset 0x14 in ATA ID) to be simply filled with spaces (0x20), and I handcrafted one which makes game to boot...
  18. MetalliC

    Naomi Widescreen Hack

    btw, how do you run it in MAME with debugger ? make sure to use -nodrc switch, otherwise you may get wrong watchpoints/breakpoints/trace/etc results
  19. MetalliC

    Naomi Widescreen Hack

    @nem good work I would recommend few things: 1. as of digging info about how this 3D stuff works, it would be useful to look at Naomi SDK documentation and libraries, and maybe Dreamcast SDK 3D libraries (Ninja and Kamui) source code which is floating in the net 2. as of messing with game code -...