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  1. Neodogg

    Positive feedback for fatherpain

    Got his Outzone, great communication, fast shipping, would give monies to again.
  2. Neodogg

    ARCADE2JVS - JVS IO for two DB15 Arcade Sticks

    Is stock going to be replenished?
  3. Neodogg

    SOLD FS: Outzone and Hellfire PCBs

    Never seen an Outzone with Honest Trading Co. license before, will have to check mine out…
  4. Neodogg

    WTB Metal Slug and other MVS carts

    No, not my items
  5. Neodogg

    WTB Metal Slug and other MVS carts
  6. Neodogg

    FS FS: Apple II+ and Mac SE w/accelerator vintage computer systems

    GLWS… I can also hear that printer just by seeing it…
  7. Neodogg

    FS Done

    Got an Astro panel?
  8. Neodogg

    Cave CV1000-D bootlegs a hoy

    Can you show the serial so it can be added to the database? :keke:
  9. Neodogg

    FOUND Pandora's Box: The King Of Air 15khz JAMMA

    What do these go for nowadays?
  10. Neodogg

    WTB ARCADESD PCB by Phoenix Arcade
  11. Neodogg

    PGM multicart interest check

    @XtraSmiley SVG $850
  12. Neodogg

    SOLD Sold

    Sega Astro City Alberto 2L12B control panel - $100 If this fall through let me know…
  13. Neodogg

    WTB WTB: Supergun

    Is one I don’t have? :D
  14. Neodogg

    WTB WTB: Supergun

    I have a few SGs: Sigma Raijin Sega Boardmaster BlastCity HAS JNX MAS And a home made one I prefer the Sigma Raijin, has all the outputs I need/want. Built in speaker and has headphone jack, has turbo feature and I think also horizontal picture correction (maybe that is the board master), can...
  15. Neodogg

    WTB Arcade PCB Board Holder

    I’d lean to plywood, Birch on the top of the scale, over MDF. Let me know what/how many you need. Depending on what parts of Pitt you’re in, I can get them there for free.
  16. Neodogg

    WTB Arcade PCB Board Holder

    go to a hardware store and get a sheet of plywood… Or give me the dimensions and I could cut you one?
  17. Neodogg

    Sega Mega-Tech Restoration