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  1. kikaso

    2 Vewlix DBs and 2 Astro Cities - cleaned and refreshed 🧼

    Surprised to hear the Astros with big old CRTs are drawing as much electricity as a more modern cabinet with an LCD. Great job on the cleanup!
  2. kikaso

    Hi from Durban, South Africa

  3. kikaso

    Feedback: 310Imports

    But will the Astros get the full resto treatment like your other cab??
  4. kikaso

    Hello from Japan

    Welcome, Kermit
  5. kikaso

    FS NEC CM-2791 RGB Monitor $550 Pickup in west MI

    awesome price for a big boi Someone traveling for Independence Day should make a stop over in MI and grab this bad boy.
  6. kikaso

    FS Capcom Q25

    The q-sound on these cabinets sounds so awesome. Good luck!
  7. kikaso

    WTB open jvs cable

    Is this the cable that you’re looking for? It’s a USB-A to USB-B cable and can be found at most electronics stores. TOPS sells the original cable for Naomi.
  8. kikaso

    Joko Re-Introduction, YAJ/Akiba Shopping Service Offer (CLOSED as of 8/21/23)

    Have a safe trip. Thanks for all of your help
  9. kikaso

    JAMMA Extension Cable - Interest Check

    Amazing price
  10. kikaso

    Hello from Maryland!

  11. kikaso

    WTB Flyback Transformer for Sony BVM-D24

    Have you tried Savon Pat? He’s an ex-Sony technician who lives out on the west coast of the US.
  12. kikaso

    Mini Cute - Vinyl Artwork Restoration Advice?

    You can try using oxygen bleach, (99.9% sodium percarbonate). It’s less hazardous than bleach yet still very effective. I’ve had good luck using a diluted solution, (one tablespoon in one quart of water) for cleaning. The solution turns back into water after about a hour so keep that in mind...
  13. kikaso

    FS Astro city power supply 400-5198-01 Sold

    That looks very clean! Good luck with your sale
  14. kikaso

    Greetings from Osaka, Japan!

  15. kikaso

    greetings from michigan

    Welcome, Cal
  16. kikaso

    SOLD IGS PGM - Dodonpachi II BeeStorm

    Wow that’s a fantastic price!
  17. kikaso

    FOUND Naomi 2 Motherboard

    @Revrun91 has one listed here.
  18. kikaso

    Just getting started

    Welcome! Sounds like a nice project
  19. kikaso

    SOLD Rondo Products HD15-2-SCART

    These are very useful. GLWS!
  20. kikaso

    WTB SEGA PSU 400-5198

    How did it break?