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  1. Aurich

    WTB Sexy Parodius PCB

    I have one I'm honestly not playing, I don't remember the condition, I can try and remember to take a pic and look up what I paid for it.
  2. Aurich

    WTB 5380 Locks

    I mean, I don't need it, I have enough, so don't even worry about it. I was just thinking I'd split the cost with you if it helped. If you're happy to hold onto it that's cool with me. If you want to split it off so you can say you got the lock for cheaper lol then just PM me. I'm super easy...
  3. Aurich

    WTB 5380 Locks

    If he doesn't want to split it up I'd buy the key off you, I wouldn't mind having another spare. I don't really need it, so no biggie, but if it helps you out.
  4. Aurich

    FS brand new - never used Vewlix black diamond

    I'm rooting for exA personally. But they have to do a move like this, because the traditional sit down arcade market is on life support. Games that would have been hot in another era, like Street Fighter 6, are just being played at home, and the Taito hardware to run it is so aging that it...
  5. Aurich

    FS brand new - never used Vewlix black diamond

    Taito is done making regualr sit down cabs afaik. The arcade scene is dying, there just isn't much need for them. Sad but true. The Diamond Blacks were firesaled out, a lot of people picked up NIB for pretty cheap prices. And hardly anyone bothered to hold onto them NIB and this can sell for...
  6. Aurich

    Server Upgrade / Downtime

    I just got incepted.
  7. Aurich

    Wubba wubba, I'm in the pink today!

    More fighting game players in SoCal! Which part of town are you from? (I'm in Torrance)
  8. Aurich

    Hello from Los Angeles!

    I posted the flyer with the details here:
  9. Aurich

    Positive feedback for Bartre

    Agreed, just bought a PCB from him and it was fast shipping, well packed, zero problems.
  10. Aurich

    Hello from Los Angeles!

    For any SoCal Street Fighter fans there’s an event at ArcadeShock next Saturday. There are so many of us we should probably make more of an effort to meet up.
  11. Aurich

    Interest check on repro Sega 5380 key

    Wow, I'm actually impressed you were able to make one that works. I have 4 keys, which is enough to get me by, but given how hard these are to find it would be really nice to have more circulating, even just as backup or to keep people who get new cabs from drilling out the original locks.
  12. Aurich

    FS Spring Cleaning - Parts & PCBs (updated 5/6)

    That's a great price for a hilarious game to troll your Tetris-loving friends with. I have a video of fucking with James Chen the first time he played it that cracks me up. I have a super clean board with the original Capcom box, paid the cardboard tax for it lol.
  13. Aurich

    SOLD PENDING SALE: Aero City H2H set up

    I don't need more cabs, I don't have space for more cabs, and I'm glad because it's saving me from temptation, this is such a sweet package.
  14. Aurich


    Welcome! I've never been to Sweden, but a game I worked on was just launched there: (I did the Voyage cabinet art)
  15. Aurich

    FS Nanao monitor chassis MS2932 31khz upright 18 Wheeler

    I think that's 31khz only too, if anyone is considering it.
  16. Aurich

    Negative Feedback for thechop

    Yup. I've been selling with PayPal for years, and they added the hold to my account too. As you ship things and demonstrate you're a good seller they raise the limits. It's dumb and annoying, I've had a history with them for over 10 years, but it is what it is. This is 100% about the seller...
  17. Aurich

    FOUND WTB: Cal .50 (Calibur Fifty) PCB

    Cal .50 doesn't use the SNK rotaries, they're not compatible. You need Loop-24 joysticks for it, which only a couple other football games used.
  18. Aurich

    FOUND WTB: Cal .50 (Calibur Fifty) PCB

    The PCBs aren't hard to find, I see them semi-regularly, it's the joysticks that are a pain. I have a special fondness for this game, haven't found a working cabinet to play it again. Good luck!
  19. Aurich

    Bambu Lab boiz

    The Bambu will handle any filament, but what I like is ordering the Bambu filament from them on the refill spools. Comes on just a little piece of cardboard roll, complete with the RFID tag (which is convenient but not necessary) and you can easily install it on one of their plastic spools...
  20. Aurich

    Cat Paw Ball Top Reproductions

    Super fun!