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  1. RandomRetro

    The Jassifier

    Here is the BOM from my last builds (digikey)
  2. RandomRetro

    FS Stereo + Kick Harness Add-on Boards (Everten)

    We are going to be adding a restock of the 6 x ST-V A & 5 x ST-V B boards in the next hour. Just a heads up if you were looking for them.
  3. RandomRetro

    FS WACCA Reverse [CONUS]

    Great game. GLWS and for those interested, source for great replacement leds. They are what I used.
  4. RandomRetro

    SEGA Blast City Communi Port Cover - HOT-1303

    Looks super clean. Nice work!
  5. RandomRetro

    Blast City Comm Port Cover (Part No. HOT-1303)

    Glad it helped. Thanks @Bastich76
  6. RandomRetro

    Vewlix Shipping Beackets

    Looking at doing a small run of Vewlix CP shipping brackets. But trying to figure out reasonable cost and if there is any interest out there for these?
  7. RandomRetro

    Super BetsuBetsu Turbo (Video/Audio splitter + keyremap/autofire)

    Definitely like the addition of the remap/autofire. I am sure some people would rather see VGA for video out. Look forward to watch the progress.
  8. RandomRetro

    FS Stereo + Kick Harness Add-on Boards (Everten)

    Hope to see some more people steaming in glorious stereo soon! Lots of MVS board needing the @everten treatment.
  9. RandomRetro

    FS Exa Kit Box Protectors - Batch 3 (2023/2024) 47 remaining

    Protective case for exA game boxes. See cardboard box on the right below for example.
  10. RandomRetro

    IGS PGM cart PCB gerber files

    So very generous! Thanks @Fluffy
  11. RandomRetro

    Vewlix 12v PSU

    Looks like I had the 12v PSU on one of my Vewlix C cabs die. Any one have luck repairing these, or better to just replace? Input power is good, everything visually looks good (caps, solder joints, etc), but nothing on the output lines. So no fan or JVS power etc.
  12. RandomRetro

    Convergence Strips question

    One additional suggestion. Leave any original strips and just start by playing with some new/additional ones. This is just so you can easily back to your starting state if you aren’t liking the results.
  13. RandomRetro

    Atomiswave Multi

    Very nice work.
  14. RandomRetro

    WTB Blast City Tube Swap

    Thanks @kikaso and thanks for the link to that thread. I am 99% certain this is exactly what happened to me.
  15. RandomRetro

    WTB Blast City Tube Swap

    Not 100% sure, but I was testing a new chassis. First power on was good, everything looked great. Adjusted brightness slightly, and then let it run for like 30mins. No issues. Turned it off. Then about 30-45 mins later went to power it back on again to see things and there was a large flash on...
  16. RandomRetro

    WTB Blast City Tube Swap

    Sad to say, I got bit by the wonderful tube explosion bug! Looking for anyone that may have a potential 29" tube that I can pick up to bring this bad boy back to life. Doesn't need to be tri-sync but that is an obvious plus. Ideally, located around CT/NYC area for local pickup...
  17. RandomRetro

    Positive Feedback for Kiljon91

    Who ever said don't sell overseas? Just passed off a Hadouken Vewlix mount to @Kiljon91 and he was great to sell to. Communication was great, no hassle, and patient while I was sorting out the shipping details. Happy gaming on a fresh screen @Kiljon91!
  18. RandomRetro

    Blast City Speaker Replacement

    And that’s a wrap on blast City #1.
  19. RandomRetro

    Vewlix stock monitor - IPS replacement (Vewlix L)

    I may have a version one of his mount in storage I can sell. Feel free to send me a direct message if interested.
  20. RandomRetro

    Vewlix stock monitor - IPS replacement (Vewlix L)

    Not sure if I am missing something, but what does tuto mean? I have a Vewlix C + LG 32GK650F-B installed with Hadouken mount. Happy to answer any questions I can if you need anything @Kiljon91