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    SOLD Lot of 5 taito type X2 ttx2 units (working)

    i would also buy one, if someone picks up the lot.
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    WTB Namco Razing Storm 357

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    WTB Namco Razing Storm 357

    Bump bump
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    WTB Namco Razing Storm 357

    I have a Razing Storm that wont stop over heating, ive tried everything i can and am officially giving up on it. I have a working HDD and dongle, anyone 357 they can sell me so i can get my cab back up and working. Thanks!
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    FS SF2: Rainbow Edition and Champ Edition Pcbs

    Yes the champ edition has an issue with the b board which is causing vertical lines seen in the photos.
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    FS SF2: Rainbow Edition and Champ Edition Pcbs

    Bump feel free to make me an offer.
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    FS SF2: Rainbow Edition and Champ Edition Pcbs

    Have two cps1 board sets first is a champ editon that has vertical bars running through it. I swapped around the boards with another cps 1 set I had and narrowed it down to the B board. A board and C board are both good and working with a working b board. A board is a dash board with the 12 mhz...
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    357 overheating….. driving me nuts

    I have a razing storm deluxe cabinet on location and the 357 in it won’t stop overheating. I’ve done everything by I can think of at this point and am looking for any other advice. I have re-thermaled the cpu/gpu with artic mx-6. I have swapped out the 12v fans in the metal case unit with...
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    FOUND Bucky O' Hare PCB

    This has been found, thanks everyone.
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    WTB CPS2 board clips/clamps

    I’ve used a couple of bungie cords before too haha. Another options for ya.
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    FOUND Bucky O' Hare PCB

    Looking for a working Bucky O' Hare pcb. Have cash ready to go, let me know what you have!
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    FS CPS2 Multi/CPS2/CPS1

    Pm sent for darksoft cps2
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    FS For Trade: 4 player Simpsons PCB for Bucky o’ Hare PCB or GI Joe

    This worked well for trading my TiT board for another pcb I wanted so figured I would try again. Have a clean working 4 Player Simpsons PCB and am looking to trade for a Bucky O’ Hare pcb. I might also consider GI Joe but Bucky is my first choice. I’ll post pictures within a day or so of my pcb.
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    FS FT: TMNT Turtles in Time PCB for other 4 player konami titles, battletoads, cps3

    I have a spare TMNT TiT pcb that I would like to trade for something things I don’t have. Pcbs I’m looking for GI Joe Bucky o hare Cowboys of moo mesa Battketoads Cps3 setup (bigger bonus if it’s a darksoft setup) My pcb works great and I will post some pics of it working soon. You pcb should...
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    Why can I make CF fine, but SSD doesn't work?

    Its been a number of years since i have had to make any cf/ssd things for triforce/namoi.chihiro. After a few hour crash course i am back to making CF perfectly fine, but ive never been able to make SSD's work properly. I have the latest firmware that says any cf or sdd will work. My CF's are...
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    WTB Nevermind

    Nevermind I found what I was looking for.
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    Shinobi 16b rom set 3 desuicide?

    With some more digging i was able to figure this out. Needed rom epr-11361.a10 from set 5. Burned game is up and playing and no more BONG/alarm sound.
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    Shinobi 16b rom set 3 desuicide?

    I have from what i can is a Shinobi 16b with set 3 roms. Rom board #834-6499-03 that had a NEC z80 with a dead battery. This of course meant no sound. I swapped in a normal z80 and burned the decrypted file found at retro clinic, only to realize it was for set a different rom set. I now have...
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    SYS2X6 USB Dongle -- System 246/256 Multi

    I’ll take one also when there are some more for sale.