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    Interest Check - NEW MVS MULTI BATCH!!

    Please could you also add me to the wait list, thanks.
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    FS Egret 2/Windy 2/NNC/Q25 (Repair refund)

    He is also on UKvac as gunblade if you need to get in touch. Correct, I went to collect in person and saw the trade mark stickers. The Windy's were filthy and needed a full strip down but they are a resilient cab and clean up nicely. I didn't bother with the Egrets as they looked rough and...
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    FS Egret 2/Windy 2/NNC/Q25 (Repair refund)

    Just chiming in, Grant fixed x2 chassis for me as well both 7534's. One of the flybacks was dead and the other original was working but asked him to remove and replace with the substitute and keep the OG one preserved. This was in 2019 and the chassis are still running perfect, the cabs came...
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    New Astro's coin reject cover assembly

    I had a try with the pliers but maybe the steel isn't workable with the vice grips. Demonstrated with an M3 screw. Don't use full rotations on the turning screw.
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    New Astro's coin reject cover assembly

    Looks like it's a pretty soft steel. You could using something like locking / vice grip pliers to generate enough force to cause the deformity. The distal tip of the jaws ear usually machined flat with 5mm+ surface to grip the pin.
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    Have you tried Probably best to email as the listed stock is not always accurate but worth asking.
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    Konami Windy 1 & 2 Marquee Insert Files

    Appreciate the effort dude, very nice!
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    [FS] JAMMA extension harness

    Will there be any changes to the design?
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    Sad story, OK ending

    It seems to be that Omar is genuinely confused. From what has been mentioned the $1800 has already been refunded to Omar and the debt (charge back) to PayPal has been settled but Omar still has Tony's $1800. I'm not sure why he believes a refund will be initiated in the next 11 days.
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    Why is SF Zero 3 upper has bad reputation?

    Absolutely, judging by some of the old tournament footage Alpha 2 was much loved with a strong foundation in the US and certainly had that familiar SF2 feel where as Alpha 3 felt completely different. The CC's are a pain but you were forced to learn the setups in order to avoid the standard...
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    Why is SF Zero 3 upper has bad reputation?

    Most likely by the time zero 3 upper was released it was a case of too little too late and the changes that were implemented as mentioned previously further weakened the majority of lower tier characters who really depended on the CC game thus creating further imbalance of the overall cast...
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    LG Monitor maybe a CRT replacement?

    There was flat panel similar to this released a while back, Eizo Flexscan EV2730Q-BK 27, never had chance to use one but this LG might be quite decent in an SG setup.
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    Virtua Stick High Grade Panel for Astro City Mini Arcade Stick

    That would look nice in the black / silver theme :D Might have to pick up x2 if it can be used on the OG VSHG
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    Unopened CPS2

    You could always test a small area the reverse side to see if it reacts.
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    Dreamcast - Naomi Capcom Panel Official Interest Check

    looking good :thumbup:
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    Dreamcast - Naomi Capcom Panel Official Interest Check

    definitely will take 1 :thumbup:
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    WTB Empty CPS2-shell

    I think he means Yahoo Auctions. Funnily enough this guy fixed a pretty badly cracked AvP shell, see this thread -
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    FS AWSD Power Supply Interface PCB [Batch 2 - FOR SALE]

    interested in the next batch.