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    WTB Original Irem Kung fu master and Toki.

    Please could somebody sell me an original working kung fu master & Original Tad Toki. Thank you. Uk based.
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    FS 50/60hz Megadrive.

    Sega Megadrive 1 console. With power supply. Fully Working console only. Fitted with a 50/60hz to rear. £30
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    SOLD 2 Original Karate Champ Boards. Dojo and Player v Player. Data East

    located in the UK 2 Original Karate champ Data East pcbs Original Karate champ and Player v Player Both fully working/no issues. Both come with jamma adapters and are wired to use p1 and p2 sticks. £100 & post. Pics here Thank you.
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    Jamma Sync adjustment PCB for non-arcade monitors (2 solutions inside)

    Hi guys, I've registered here because of this thread. I enjoy arcade games, I just never heard of this forum before. I have two Taito boards that don't sync on my crt with Supergun. Rastan Saga Bonze Adventure. However..they both work on my LCD tv...obv not ideal, but better than nothing...