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    DIY for CPS1 Multi Mono to Stereo Wired Cabinet

    A big thanks to arcadeaction for the help getting my cps1 multi sound to work on my big blue Q cab!!!!
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    WTB Street Fighter pneumatic cabinet parts and art

    Yeah, he's been in touch I'm going to need all the help I can get sourcing these parts, so I posted here and klov. It may take a long time or it may never happen, but I gotta try!!
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    WTB Street Fighter pneumatic cabinet parts and art

    As the title states, I have the cabinet and it is missing everything needed to make it a pneumatic cab. Any relevant parts and artwork would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    WTB MK3 or UMK3 pcb

    I also have a USA strider to trade for one. Thanks
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    Interest Check - NEW MVS MULTI BATCH!!

    Add me to the list for one please, and thanks for offering this again. Even if we don't make the numbers, I appreciate You!!!
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    SOLD Irem Gunforce/Skins pcb

    I have what appears to be an original Gunforce that was converted to Skins/Major Title 2. The game plays perfectly and the it appears the motherboard is untouched, just the ROM board has been modded/converted. This should be a perfect candidate for the m92 multi that is coming soon. $300 shipped...
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    Interest evaluation: cps1 mult crystal and/or audio merge kit

    id take one dual crystal.
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    MITSU CPSIII SuperBIOS Conversion Services

    Is that all it does? Is it worth sending my cart to someone who can install ultrabios on my cart? Thanks
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    MITSU CPSIII SuperBIOS Conversion Services

    Is there an update for an older cps3 multi? I've had mine for probably 8 years and when I try to select the region, it's hard to pick the USA, it jumps around alot. Thanks
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    Positive feedback for djsheep

    He helped me out with a label for my Punisher and it is absolutely perfect!!! Thanks man!!!
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    positive feedback for Ack

    I picked up 3 of his cps2 openkeys, he shipped fast and they are awesome!!!! Thanks for putting these out @ack!!
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    positive feedback for @djsheep

    moved this positive feedback to djsheep feedback thread.
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    WTB set of cps1.5 mounting feet

    As the title says, looking for a set of these so I can mount in my cabinet. I am willing to buy them, or I have a set of original cps2 feet I could trade. Thanks!!
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    FS MK t-unit rev 5.0 w/kick harness and manual 100% working

    Now for sale. As the title states, plug and play with working sound board and volume pot. $275 shipped paypal f/f, or $425 shipped paypal g/s. Shipped price is only to lower 48.
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    Merry Xmas everyone!!!

    Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope we all have the chance to enjoy some much needed time off work and time spent with family!!!