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    No Sound on Viewlix with 369

    Sorry, I was thinking you could test the 369 audio output to another source. If that works, then I'm stumped, but the Vewlix audio in goes right to an amp, no logic is involved or anything. Strange issue.
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    Suggestions for panel replacement or mod? Vewlix

    I got these off eBay a long time ago, but don't see them anymore.. id try cutting some plexi or something from a hardware store and drilling into that. You don't want to mess up the stock panel, it's hard to get. A few sub panels were created by members too, you can put a wanted ad in the sales...
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    No Sound on Viewlix with 369

    Try plugging in headphones to the 369 and try another audio source into the Vewlix to narrow down where the issue is.
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    FS WTB Vewlix coin mech bracket

    Hi all, Looking for the grey bracket that attaches to the door that is used to mount the coin mech. There are a few different types that I've seen, I'm looking for one that's compatible with an Asahi Seiko mech. See picture for example. Thanks!
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    Ignignxkt's Vewlix Diamond Black Build!

    Nice build!
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    Ignignxkt's Vewlix Diamond Black Build!

    Looks great! Rival Schools has been a bit of a blind spot for me as far as Capcom fighters go and I was thinking about checking out the series, what's a good place to start?
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    Building out a Vewlix so will be here for inspiration and advice

    I was going to stop at two, but last time I bought one, the additional shipping for a second cab was so cheap, I bought another. All 3 are JVS, one has a Jammafier in it. I'm running a Type X4 with Steam installed in one, the others have consoles hooked up. I'm over the PCB and CRT life. Too...
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    Building out a Vewlix so will be here for inspiration and advice

    Welcome! Vewlix is such a versatile cab, I have 3 and love them!
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    What are options to run Ttx4 SFV on Viewlix with fast io?

    Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I just installed Windows and Steam on my X4 and bought the Steam version, and hooked up some brooks. Steam SFV is more up to date as far as I know, and that gave me the option to run other games as well.
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    Neo Geo MVS-4-25 v3 Restoration

    Fantastic result!
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    Shmups crew + Aprilia riders represent!
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    Cave CV1000-D bootlegs a hoy

    Someone with more experience than me should make a guide for spotting these before they start trickling onto the forums mislabeled as legit.
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    Help identifying a real vewlix from a chewlix

    Real Vewlix will have Taito tags at the very least. One on the back, upper right side and another under the control panel right side with the serial number. Real F and C models have silver metal where the adjustable legs are and the legs do not stick out from the top. They also have lowered...
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    Vewlix F ground points?

    Any point on the side of the cab will do as well. You can ground it in one of the screws holding the plastic side panels on. This is my C, grounded on the left side looking in from the front door for example.
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    Vewlix F ground points?

    Better pic.
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    Vewlix F ground points?

    Metal box where the power goes in is grounded on it's front, then around the side. Kinda hard to see but in the middle of the front of that box.
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    I made a medium quality repro HEY rainy day free play sign and move strip

    Looking good! I weirdly want a move strip that reproduces the staining.
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    Neo Geo MVS-4-25 v3 Restoration

    Great thread, looking forward to seeing the final product!
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    Dodonpachi Campaign Ver.

    Where's Mystery Incorporated when you need them...