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    SOLD Seibu Mother Board Error 81

    Game sold ; rest the mother board. I'm open to offers
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    SOLD Seibu Mother Board Error 81

    Hi All I'm selling a Raiden Fighter Jet Seibu Jamma , The motherboard is faulty, following a bad boot flash. No repair attempt, in perfect condition, I do not have the skills to repair it. I sell it as is, but the game must work (top cartridge) 250€ In , Europe Only , Paypal Gift only Game...
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    Seibu Spi problem

    Same matter with a Jet , is there somebody able to repair it ?
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    Seibu SPI region changer -SPI REVIVE-

    Hi All It's a fabulous news for me , got a Raiden FighterJet Japan out of service (mobo corrupted) So Is there an HEX for the Raiden Fighter Jet Japan version ? or a simply way to do it ? Thanks in adavance Phil
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    JNX Sega 839-0158 Repro Headphone Board

    Could be fine to modify the original one to add Amp , as this one , 5v and no heating
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    JNX Sega 839-0158 Repro Headphone Board

    Hi , does it needs something more to protect PCB Audio Amp like an attenuator or something like , and aslo does it cuts sound speakers ? Thanks
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    Troubleshooting Tips

    UPDATED 4 JULY Hi All I would like some help please, i tried to read all the topic but it's hard to understand (I'm French) , I got a 93646b-6 , with a BGSB3F Chip PaL Chip , My board are Jap , original no suicided. 1) Do i need to suicide the board by removing the battery to use the cp2...