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  1. kikaso

    Hello from UK

    Hello and welcome, Min.
  2. kikaso

    Multi Irem M92

    Mystic Rider spotted on YAJ.
  3. kikaso

    FS/FT: CPS2 Boards

    Yellow MSHvSF on YAJ.
  4. kikaso

    Home Arcade System

    Capcom IO has 3.3V for NAOMI but doesn’t provide enough power for GD-ROM drive or booting from Net Dimm. You can use Capcom IO for power if you’re just using cartridges on NAOMI.
  5. kikaso

    Bonjour from France

    Hello and welcome
  6. kikaso

    Arcade PCB Modifications/Repair (Hardware or Software) thread

    Where can I find this heat sink / fan combo?
  7. kikaso

    Home Arcade System

    The JAMMA-compatible power supply unit would only power the IO since it doesnt have the 3.3V needed to power the NAOMI. if you’re using a JVS IO like the Capcom IO, you’ll need two PSUs; one for the HAS which will power the IO board and another JVS-compatible PSU for the NAOMI. There is a way...
  8. kikaso

    FS/FT: Dragon breed M72

    You don’t see these come up often. Someone snatch this one up! GLWS
  9. kikaso

    Mini Cute degauss help

    No degauss button. You could try cycling power given the CRT has built in degauss but may have to resort to an external wand.
  10. kikaso

    K C Game sale

    How much?
  11. kikaso

    WTB Irem pcbs

    Not sure what you’re looking for specifically but @MmSadda has an Irem PCB listed for sale.
  12. kikaso

    what would be a suitable cps1.5 fan replacement

    San Ace fans have really long lifespan. I love them and will try and use these when replacing old fans, however, they’re typically not any quieter. I only use arcade boards in a cabinet so noise is less of a factor for me.
  13. kikaso

    FS/FT: JAMMA PCBs & MVS Carts - Bloxeed, Vigilante, Twin Eagle, G&G

    Vigilante is a cool game. People give it a bad rap for not being as good as a certain contemporary, ::cough:: Final Fight ::cough:: but it’s a solid game with fantastic art design. GLWS
  14. kikaso

    what would be a suitable cps1.5 fan replacement

    An equivalent size 12V Noctua fan (A4x10) will be quieter (17.9 dBA) but move less air (8.2 m3/h). Noctua fans are also pricey.
  15. kikaso

    what would be a suitable cps1.5 fan replacement

    You should upload a photo. Measure dimensions of fan too. Usually these are 12V fans. Going quieter typically means getting a fan that spins at lowers speeds and moves less air.
  16. kikaso

    [SOLVED] Atomiswave w/ too much green

    So you were 100% right, @brad808. I adjusted the cut off just like you said. The CPS2 and most of my boards run at “higher brightness” on my monitor compared to others. I thought I had the colors dialed in but there was too much green “hidden” in the unviewable area. This is my color on AW with...
  17. kikaso

    [SOLVED] Atomiswave w/ too much green

    Sorry I may have misunderstood your question. If I adjust colors so that the Atomiswave colors look good and swap in another board then go back to Atomiswave, the colors stay the same. However, if I do that, only the Atomiswave's colors will be good and I'll have to adjust each time I swap...
  18. kikaso

    [SOLVED] Atomiswave w/ too much green

    Yeah I tried that and the settings stay the same—they move together.
  19. kikaso

    [SOLVED] Atomiswave w/ too much green

    The monitor is 15 kHz and I run all of my boards via 15 kHz on the JAMMA edge.