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  1. misu

    Sega Aero City Rebuild

    The monitor does not use an ISO transformer to my knowledge. I’m not sure there was part numbers for the connectors on the aero cables. You essentially had all the cabs cables come into this smaller edge that was popular at the time and that smaller edge got adapted to a jamma edge. But if...
  2. misu

    Sega Aero City Rebuild

    Most of them aren’t projects ;P. I will admit the cabs that need work are starting to pile up. Currently six candies need work on done on them for them to be playable, but luckily 9 are still happily running fine~ Though I don’t want to take over Barte’s thread so this will be the last post...
  3. misu

    Sega Aero City Rebuild

    For reference, hese are my rust bucket project Aeros that definately need to visit the powder coat shop xD. I typically like to keep my cabs on original paint unless their really bad, but the paint job on your Aero seems to warrant getting a new coat~
  4. misu

    Sega Aero City Rebuild

    Oh god. I got deceived by photos. Sandblast that sucker and get it nice and clean! xD
  5. misu

    Sega Aero City Rebuild

    It's a bit hard for me to tell, but why are you wanting to powder coat the cab? The paint condition on you're Aero looks decent. I generally like to keep the original paint unless it's real bad or rusty (like my rust bucket Aeros xD), though I'm all for powder coating if people want to, but it...
  6. misu

    TTX3 no video signal at boot issue

    I’ve got a TTX3 that gives no video signal at boot. The system powers on and a very small chirp, but then doesn’t make the second loud boot beep afterwards. No diagnostics beeps either. Confirmed the GPU wasn’t an issue by swapping a good GPU in from another X3. Anyone have any ideas on the...
  7. misu

    Axun Workshop - JVS / JAMMA Control-Box(CBOX) SuperGun

    I could use the new eeproms to. US. Thanks!
  8. misu

    Axun Workshop - JVS / JAMMA Control-Box(CBOX) SuperGun

    I'm interested in buying one too if orders are still being taken.
  9. misu

    REPRICED FS Gals Panic S SU/S2 , Bloody Roar 2

    I'm interested in the Gals Panics.
  10. misu

    SYS2X6 USB Dongle -- System 246/256 Multi

    I’d love one too if they are any remaining (or if not, when they come back in stock).
  11. misu

    IC: Repro 2L6B Aero city panel 6/5/2020 update!

    I’m also interested in a 2l12b panel @'alberto1225.
  12. misu

    K C Game sale

    I love the condition of those Aeros. They are going to need a lot of restoration love, but I'm excited to take on the project.
  13. misu

    K C Game sale

    I'll be at your warehouse next Monday to look at the Aero Cities and pick them up that day if a sale is made. I would like to confirm that you still want $450 for each Aero City.
  14. misu

    TAITOTECH Summer order! All panels in stock

    Hey Cereth, can I order a bunch of crap? Vewlix JVSIO Vewlix Panel Vewlix 2L14B Panel Overlay (haven't decided which one yet) Vewlix Panel+Overlay Application Vewlix Joystick Mounting Bracket Vewlix P2 Control Panel Harness Vewlix JVS PSU Thanks!