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  1. tacobell

    CPS2 Digital AV Interface install on a CPS1 DASH 89626A-4 Board
  2. tacobell

    CPS2 Digital AV Interface install on a CPS1 DASH 89626A-4 Board

    In preparation for the CPS1 Multi and since @mathewbeall personally asked me for these, I’ll provide pics of my setup.
  3. tacobell

    Kaneko Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire: Jackie Chan Densetsu

    updated version of The Kung-Fu Master Jackie Chan
  4. tacobell

    CPS1 - CPS2 - CPS3 Label Stickers Colored Version

    thanks for the custom cart, @mathewbeall 🔥
  5. tacobell

    UltraSimm New Generation Glitch

    Correct. I stated that. The top of the cap was easily removed due to transport. The daisy chain caps are flimsy. They are sending a new one and I’ll continue to test. If you watched the video, I zoom into the caps to show they are flush. Both before and after the glitch. All I did was remove...
  6. tacobell

    UltraSimm New Generation Glitch

    Got it. I think B is the more in line with my issue. I was at @mathewbeall’s place while he wrote the simms and tested them. They were written and verified by the proman and worked fine at the time. I did notice how flimsy the cable was after moving it out of my cab After pushing these down, I...
  7. tacobell

    UltraSimm New Generation Glitch

    I ran JAMMA this in my sega blast with the same graphic error you saw. This cps2 digital av mod taps video and audio signals and is documented by marqs. again, this ran perfectly well with superbios and original simms.
  8. tacobell

    UltraSimm New Generation Glitch

    View: Memory test OK CD ROM hangs when you unplug scsi2sd
  9. tacobell

    UltraSimm New Generation Glitch

    I’ve ran this before with my original simms with no issues. I never had any issues with the original SuperBIOS besides the region selection. My rams arent hot to the touch either. I also ran these separately with the original simms again and 3s worked perfectly. I’m just reporting what I see...
  10. tacobell

    UltraSimm New Generation Glitch

    View: Warning: long and boring test video. Tried to replicate issue but got a new one. Left it alone, unpowered and without jamma plugged in for 6 hours with the custom sh2 cart removed. Put the cart back in, then powered it up. Did not touch the ultrasimms...
  11. tacobell

    UltraSimm New Generation Glitch

    Yesterday, I tried running NG (111) for the first time, JAPAN region. After entering 1 Credit, pressed start but got both players activated. The game started but there were minor glitches, specifically the combo text area and lines in the background. I power reset and chose JAPAN again with the...
  12. tacobell

    Darksoft CPS3 Region Selection Error

    How does one update the bios? I bought this off @Derick2k about 8 months ago so I’m still getting up to speed. All I know about it is what it says off the right of the cart Custom SH-2 + Super BIOS. He said @Mitsurugi-w did the cart for him. If it’s easy to upgrade the bios, I’ll do it...
  13. tacobell

    Darksoft CPS3 Region Selection Error

    View: Apologies if this has been solved; I couldn’t find it on this thread. On a HAS supergun, using Undamned’s DB15 to USB, it’s fine, but plugged into jamma, in my Blast City, it skips numbers. Is this normal?
  14. tacobell

    Sega Blast City Player 1 Start Input issue using JammASD with MiSTer

    View: 1 Player Start button only activates when released, not when pushed down. When you hold down 1 Player Start button and push 1 player Button 1 or Button 2, it activates Coins for Player 1 or Player 2. I reassigned the 1 Player Start button to another button...
  15. tacobell

    Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf Achse

    No sets, posters or other accessories. Just the NAOMI cartridge please. Thanks!
  16. tacobell

    Ultracade UVC or advice on similar downscaler

    @evilsim likewise. i'm in for that as well
  17. tacobell

    *FOUND* Looking for Blast City & Vewlix Parts

    Were you Able to find these? I’m looking for the same things too
  18. tacobell

    Axun Workshop - JVS / JAMMA Control-Box(CBOX) SuperGun

    All i gotta say it made my arcade1up easier to play jvs. It’s super slim and I can play both types in a small form factor. Its the best system for JVS. Bar none.
  19. tacobell

    Blast City Speaker Replacement

    I am definitely interested in a replacement. My speakers lows are shot: View: