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  1. beigemore

    Seibu SPI with no video

    I got an SPI board and cartridge that was shipped to me as working, but upon arrival, I am not able to get any video or audio out of it. Does anyone know if the SPI board will display video even with the cartridge removed, such as an error message? I get nothing even without the cartridge...
  2. beigemore

    UD-USB Decoders

    Looking forward to the Astro City mini pad/stick support!
  3. beigemore

    WTB: Seibu SPI System with Raiden Fighters 1 or 2

    There is randomly one coming up for auction in a cab near DFW in a couple weeks.
  4. beigemore

    [Found] Ketsui PGM conversion cart in the US

    I just got a couple of main boards but don’t have a game to test them with. Would like to buy from someone in the US so I don’t have to go through eBay and wait a month like I did with these main boards — naturally one looks like it has had many repairs done. EDIT: Thanks Ekorz
  5. beigemore

    WTB: Batsugun and Battle Garegga

    What did that Batsugun go for?
  6. beigemore

    WTB: CPS2 B Board (blue or green) for use with multi

    Seems hard to find cheap b boards now that there are so many easy ways to fix them.
  7. beigemore

    WTB: CPS2 B Board (blue or green) for use with multi

    I'm looking for a clean and undamaged US or JP B board that has the JST NH connector for key writing (should be revisions 93646BG-5, 93646B-6, 93646B-7, or 97691A-3).
  8. beigemore

    Finally, multi System 16B (Sega)

    I would like to be added to the list for v1 and v2. Thanks
  9. beigemore

    The history of alien syndrome arcade documentary

    Did your wife beat you up after this? Thanks for the laugh
  10. beigemore

    Home Arcade System

    I bought this one that says it ships from the US:
  11. beigemore

    Home Arcade System

    Awesome, thank you
  12. beigemore

    Home Arcade System

    I bought a used HAS 2.1 that's on the way while I wait for the newer ones to come back in stock. Can someone point me to someone that sells a compatible euro scart cable I can buy to use with it?