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  1. Pixel Krisis

    Pre-Order For Capcom Mini Cute Production

    There could be a new thread for technical assistance once people start getting the cabs. This thread is ok too, but it is long.
  2. Pixel Krisis


    8) Hello.
  3. Pixel Krisis

    K C Game sale

    You may have better luck texting him.
  4. Pixel Krisis

    Newbie Hello from Brisvegas

    Hello. Huge cab! Congrats and welcome.
  5. Pixel Krisis

    PGM2 Language patches ?

    Do you know who can patch or reflash the carts?
  6. Pixel Krisis

    Pre-Order For Capcom Mini Cute Production

    Someone ship this man a Pony, Madonna, etc.
  7. Pixel Krisis

    Rewrite's Recaps - Your monitor and PSU recapping service center

    Just want to say that I had rewrite recap some Nanao boards and the service was excellent. Highly recommended.
  8. Pixel Krisis

    Arcade Flyer Banner Re-Production

    How damn! These are very nice.
  9. Pixel Krisis

    Hello all!

    It's a a very cool site and thanks for the work you do!
  10. Pixel Krisis


    Hello and welcome. I started with a supergun too...well sort of. The first cab I had was a dedicated Guerilla War but it went to the arcade heaven decades ago.
  11. Pixel Krisis

    Greetings from France 🙂

    Allo! Welcome and nice cabs to start with.
  12. Pixel Krisis

    Hi all from Uruguay

    Bienvenido. 2 Aero Cities to start off? Lucky! So jelly (envious).
  13. Pixel Krisis

    [OUT OF STOCK] RECO PCB - a JAMMA button remapping & autofire device

    I need like 4 of these right now. Add me to the list if you have one.
  14. Pixel Krisis

    Sega Aero Saturn

    Will the Aero City accomodate a 27" viewable screen?
  15. Pixel Krisis

    f/s Custom aluminium dreamcast shells ultimate mod

    Whoa. That's a very cool and insane case.
  16. Pixel Krisis

    Hey Arcade Projects!

  17. Pixel Krisis

    Garou Mark Of The Wolves Poster Scan

    You could scan it and then touch it up in software.
  18. Pixel Krisis

    Dishwashing PCBs

    Rinse with distilled water afterwards?
  19. Pixel Krisis

    Greetings from Austin