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  1. bagheera369

    New Stereo + Kick Harness Add-on Boards (Everten)

    added a zn2 and a sp1 to my f3 and stv....great stuff Everten....keep it up.
  2. bagheera369

    WTB: Seibu SPI System with Raiden Fighters 1 or 2

    @Arthrimus Damn man. Channelmaniac had one for sale, but somebody scooped it already. I keep my eyes peeled for SP1 stuff all the time, and we're right next door to each other....if I can find something else, I'll hit you up.
  3. bagheera369

    Hello from the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metromess :)

    @channelmaniac - Glad to finally have you here, brother....It's been a long time coming.
  4. bagheera369

    ZN1 Bios <V2> board arrives!

    Yeah...I won't have to worry about that....PR2 aint gonna be my thing. Checked it out at Galloping Ghost, and will be just fine letting that one go. I know its a big deal for lots of other people I hope parts can be sourced.
  5. bagheera369

    [FOUND] Taito type x2 with Multigame x1 x2 nesica 68 Games + MAME 5000 games SSD 250 GB

    Craftymech's MiniSLG was a great purchase, and I keep them around for these kind of applications.
  6. bagheera369

    Want To Buy: Candy Cab

    @Arcadefan27 - If you do happen to find someone has spares, give me a pm...I'm looking for a spare as well.
  7. bagheera369

    ZN1 Bios <V2> board arrives!

    Understood! Thanks for the confirmation/reply.
  8. bagheera369

    ZN1 Bios <V2> board arrives!

    Hey @Hammy !! Wanted to see if you'd PM me, about getting bios/rom board and the costs. Also, I spoke with Raymond/Channelmanic/Channelmaniac/ about getting in the IC151/2-KM4132g271 rams and he is getting a stock in that will be available in the US for individual sale, or...
  9. bagheera369

    Pre-Order For Capcom Mini Cute Production

    Final Product looks great...I'm super happy for everyone that managed to get in on this, and was patient enough to see it all through. I hope you enjoy them!
  10. bagheera369

    ZN1 Bios <V2> board arrives!

    @kuze - Damn it man. I was running so hard trying to get power back on myself, and check on the people, that I forgot you were going through this one, right next door. I hope you're ok man, and that your people all made it through OK. We really gotta take a minute at some point, and get...
  11. bagheera369

    AC/NAC PCB Board Slide/Mounting bracket.

    Piece was missing out of the NAC I bought. I can bend some metal to make something eventually, but it would be nice to have an original. Looking for price shipped to TX.
  12. bagheera369

    New JAMMA Kit for Vewlix (and more!) - Universal JAMMA Interface

    No need....I removed my perspective/approach to quality...... FTFY.
  13. bagheera369

    Selling various PCBs (Shmups, CPS3) for vet costs

    My condolences. Make those few months count!
  14. bagheera369

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    Take a breath boss. Twisted wasn't slinging anything there, other than perhaps a little bit of sarcasm. Around here, if someone's coming at you...they won't be shy or coy about it, I assure you. May I suggest, humbly, that the staff here, are legends for a reason...and mostly benevolent in...
  15. bagheera369

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    Those will sell out in a month or less. This ones been anticipated for a long long time. Thanks for's a game changer!!!
  16. bagheera369

    Official: CPS1 Multi by Darksoft/Apocalypse - Interest Check Thread

    That may be giving TO too much credit.
  17. bagheera369

    SYS2X6 USB Dongle -- System 246/256 Multi

    Now that's a concept I could really get behind.
  18. bagheera369

    GS Containers: New listings, Vewlix DIA, PRas 3, Rhythm, etc.

    Ooh...those are nice looking.
  19. bagheera369

    REPRO SEGA, SNK and TAITO Panels

    An honest and respectful product review from someone who's made some great products himself. I can dig it. @Aurich I'd really like to know...did you get that Neo Candy re-sprayed, or did you just get one in that nice of's beautiful.
  20. bagheera369

    Everten Taito F3 IO Board (Stereo Audio + CPS2 kick)

    Looking forward to seeing your next product!!!