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  1. narf

    DB-15 Joystick Options

    Hi Everyone, Just seeing what you are using for your favorite HAS joysticks? Since the Undamned DB15 USB Decoder has been out of stock for over 6 months now I'm using the Saturn adapter RGB makes with a Hori fight stick I also found out the hard way that the Brook USB-Neo Geo converter doesn't...
  2. narf

    SF2 World Warrior reboot after copyright / region warning screen

    Hello CPS1 gurus. My SF2 World Warrior recently decided to go into a reboot loop. Gets to the end of the copyright / region warning screen then reboots. This is just before the title / attract screen normally starts. Previously it would very occasionally reboot randomly (possibly the beginning...
  3. narf

    HAS Blank video on some PCBs

    Hello, I've just started using my HAS. it works great on most of my PCBs however some just display a blank screen (the board is running fine, just not displaying picture properly). Sometime the picture displays briefly then disappears. I'm using the following configuration: - HAS V4.1 - SCART...