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  1. nonosto

    Unibios and serial number

    Hello I have a very nice slot, I will add a nibios. I b ought an unibios 4.0 with serial number to Razoola, but since it stopped selling anyone know how to add serial number on unibios. THX
  2. nonosto

    Project: upgrade power supply and sound output from NNC

    Hello I would like upgrade the power supply and sound system about my NNC. For example is it useful to change for PC ATX something like this? For example auto adjust for 5V? I have one idea about output exist some adpter, but for...
  3. nonosto

    Toshiba A68LTF356X tube (Toshiba Pure Flat D29C051)

    Hello someone know how many lines on the A68LTF356X tube? THX
  4. nonosto

    [WTS] System 18 motherboard

  5. nonosto

    [WTS] Tetris System 16 B

    Hello I sell a very nice Tetris SEGA Sytem 16 B with suicide battery changed by SEGA. Working perfectly. 200 euros shipping not include. THX
  6. nonosto

    Change NNC NEO light

    Hello I would like to change NEO light from my New Net City to LED. It's easy to cut wire and install the right JST plug. But I have no idea about the right voltage and amp value required. With magnet for stand it. My idea is to eliminate all distorsion from the bulb and better light. How to...
  7. nonosto


    Hello Another cheapier come.
  8. nonosto

    NEO-MVH MV-1 SLOT1: plastic or metal case

    Hello it exist 2 version about NEO-MVH MV-1 SLOT1, one with metal (early version) and one with plastic? What's the best? Metal case does make interference? THX
  9. nonosto

    MVS 1F remplacemnet BAT

    Hello I change the old Blue SAFT battery 3.6 ni cd 50mah for a LIR2032 on support, dut no charge, some one have any idea? THX
  10. nonosto

    System 18 issue

    Hello I have 2 system 18 with a very special issue. Get to security mode 2 second after boot, I saw a picture after black screen like PCB turn off but with red LED light. it's seems a watchdog run somewhere. This issue appears only with mu New Net City, with supergun it run. I will test with...
  11. nonosto

    [WTB] pic NetBoot for chihiro

    Hello I am looking for a pic NetBoot for my chihiro type 3 please ship to France. THX
  12. nonosto

    Shadow dancer boot and black screen

    Hello After burn eeprom like here, so the game boot , the white dog appears after tthat no signal like on this video, I checked 2 times all eeprom and seems good: Any idea please? THX
  13. nonosto

    [WTS] CPO Sega Astro / New Astro City - Overlay - 2 players Licensed by SEGA

    Hello I sell a Astro or New Astro City 2 players panel overlay. This is a MADE IN JAPAN and under license by SEGA, originally made for river's service panel like or supergun. This overlay is printed over Lexan/PVC as original and the CPO has a glossy finish once protection film is removed (See...
  14. nonosto

    WTB or TRADE Astro City mini Arcade Stick *New*

    Sega Astro City mini Arcade Stick New. Ships from France, customs paid/no extra costs for european buyer. for other low value declared. In hand, ready to ship! Features Uses Sanwa Denshi stick and buttons 6-button arcade stick. A special design that uses the same Sanwa Denshi stick and...
  15. nonosto

    WTS or TRADE SEGA MEGADRIVE Console FIRST RUN Japan set HAA-2510 serial matching

    Hello I sell a very ealy first run japanese Megadrive, like attested by serial number. This is a VA1 motherboard made in the end of 1988. Very nice cosmectic states except some of very light scratch, this is very closed to mint condition. Complet, all plastic serial matching. Work perfectly...
  16. nonosto

    Licensed by sega astro city panel

    Hello it s seems exust some of astro city panel with licensed by sega mention or overlay to glue on panel. Is it original? What s diff with classic panel/overlay? Same quality and same materials and touch sense? Thc
  17. nonosto

    WTS or trade HORI HRAP PS2 Full Sanwa Arcade stick

    Hello I sell a very arcade stick HORi HRAP for PS2 & PS1, full sanwa. Compatible with all platform without input lag with the right adpter. I pay with it on my HAS supergun, SEGA Saturn, Dreamcast, PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX OG and PC. 200 euros without shipping. THX
  18. nonosto

    WTB MEGA SG JPN Analogue

    Hello I am looking for MEGA SG JPN Analogue. THX
  19. nonosto

    Capcom CPS2 black or CPS3 32 Mo & 64 mo SIMM Module

    Hello I sell 32 and 64 mb SIMM for the Capcom CPS2 black or CPS3 arcade system. It is an official Capcom SIMM module made in Japan. The module is used still in pretty good condition (see photos for more detail about condition). 3 unit avallable per version. 25 euros for 32mb per unit 35 euros...
  20. nonosto

    New net city CRT cover NOA-1200 : help and advise

    Hello I will finish soon my NNC restoration, but I need some help for CRT cover: - how to remove the lower part without break the little brackets on the back? - what's exact original color ref? or whatt's best black for paint (brillant,...)? - could you advise me a best couple of audio speaker...