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  1. thomas3184

    [FOUND] Gamecube gameboy player

    Hello, I’m looking for a loose gameboy player, no disc. Color doesn’t particularly matter, but my gamecube is platinum. Anything less than ebay price of ~35 is good for me.
  2. thomas3184

    Not mine, neo geo 1 slot cab with 3 games

    Seems cheap for $300 in sacramento Magician lord, metal slug x, and bust a move
  3. thomas3184

    [Sold] Sanwa PFX with issue

    I have a trisync sanwa pfx with slight burn and OSD which does not display but remote board responds to adjust and degauss. Only comes with remote board, don’t have AC or VGA cables. $100 Pickup in Folsom, CA
  4. thomas3184

    [Found] PC Engine $70

    Hello, I’m looking for a plain PC Engine preferably with a controller. Don’t need av or psu.
  5. thomas3184

    Found gba sp ags-101 $80

    Anyone have one sitting around unused they want to unload before I scoop one up from ebay?
  6. thomas3184

    Sanwa pfx OSD not showing

    The degauss button works, but the function button doesn’t seem to do anything. I checked continuity and the buttons appear to be open/closed as expected. Manually shorting the switch doesn’t appear to do anything either. Continuity on the cable and solder joints at the connector appear to be...
  7. thomas3184

    Weiya M3129 Horizontal shaking

    The problem looks as if someone is turning the horizontal position pot randomly. I just finished recapping and the problem appears to remain. I'm going to try to replace the pots on the remote board, but I can't seem to find these same pots, does anyone know where to find them? I think I...
  8. thomas3184

    [WTB] Egret 3 control panel

    Anyone have a lead on a 2L12B panel? I would buy a repro from @alberto1225 but not sure if/when he will make one. Currently using an e2 repro from him. Willing to trade the e2 panel and/or cash. Does anyone have a ballpark for cost? Thanks!
  9. thomas3184

    Free area 51/maximum force

    Just saw this, not mine. @acblunden2
  10. thomas3184

    [WTB] Taito Egret 2/3/AWSD Sanwa Plate

    Anyone have a spare one for sale? Maybe they came off an old panel before you replaced it with an alberto panel? If not, does anyone know if this works in it’s place...
  11. thomas3184

    [Wanted] OSSC

    Anyone have a spare they are willing to part with before I buy it online elsewhere? Aliexpress seems to be 150 now and ebay is 170.
  12. thomas3184

    WTB: Weiya M3129 VGA connector cable

    Does anyone know where to buy this cable or able to make one? Mine is frayed and grounding pin #5 is broken.
  13. thomas3184

    WTB 43cm Taito stool

    Anyone have any extras? Ikea marius is starting to hurt my butt. If not, when are you doing another order @rancor?