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  1. DecepticonZero

    WTB: CPS2 Infinikey

    Paradise Arcade's checkout is a buggy fucking mess and long story short, I can't buy anything from them. Record time! Got one. Thanks @Chef Bourgeoisie
  2. DecepticonZero


    Does anyone have this game. I just got one, and the lifebars flash every now and then for no apparent reason. Is this normal operation on a CRT? It certainly doesn't do this with emulation. This is a Yaton special, and there does seem to be a repair on the board, so I'm assuming I'm going to...
  3. DecepticonZero

    FS: Famicom AV with ED N8 (Formerly Mix of JP and US Consoles)

    Changed to a FS thread. Pictures are available upon request. I'm going to go down the list and see if the folks who showed interest in them first would like them, then it will go out for everyone. Everdrives come complete with shells but do not come with an SD card. Prices do not include...
  4. DecepticonZero

    Giveaway: MC Cthulhu Board

    I have an MC Cthulhu board that I purchased about a year ago for a project that's never going to.get off the ground. I'd like to give it away here. No bullshit, just post here if you want it and I'll draw a name randomly on Sunday Night. I'll cover shipping in the US. If your international...
  5. DecepticonZero

    Does anyone have the manual for Mortal Kombat on Super Famicom

    So, It came to my attention that an artset has surfaced for the Japanese version Mortal Kombat. I have exhausted my options of getting hi quality pictures of the art. I've recreated most of what I can see, but I'm hoping the SFC version of the manual will be able to help me out. The art...
  6. DecepticonZero

    FS/FT: XRGB-3

    I have a boxed xrgb-3 up for grabs. Comes with remote, AC adapter and a scart to jp21 adapter made by Retro Cables. Unit was flashed to English firmware. I don't have any monitors that work in D0 mode, but D1 mode works fantastic. Pics will be posted on request. $160 shipped SOLD
  7. DecepticonZero

    Found: Sega Aero City Control Panel Surround Top

    Looking for a Sega made, 2 piece top control panel surround for a Sega Aero City. Will buy outright or trade for a River Services panel surround and a few bucks to make up the difference. LMK if you have one.
  8. DecepticonZero

    Found: Generic 2L12B Aero City Panel

    Just as the title states. I don't care what it looks like as long as the panel isn't bent. If it has mounts for for Seimitsu sticks, that would be preferred, but not a deal breaker. Let me know what you have.
  9. DecepticonZero

    Replace MS8-26A with an MS8-26SG

    Is this something I can do? I have a few spare ms8-26SG chassis and a ms8-26A in my MVS-U4. The 26-A has some bad geometry/convergence issues that I was told fixing the chassis would correct. Thanks in advance.
  10. DecepticonZero

    WTB Nanao Monitor Chassis

    Looking for a tested and working chassis for an MS8-26 (A,SU,G) and a MS9-2931. I've been through four chassis on the MS8 and can never get a fully working one. I've also been having a bitch of a time finding anything 2931. I'd even be willing to take a Wei Ya or Rodotron 2931 alternative...