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  1. gozaimas

    NESICAxLive2 on TTX2?

    I appreciate that NESICAxLive2 is very much alive and kicking in Japanese arcades running on TTX3 hardware, so we are probably years off public emulation, but just wanted to know whether the games for the service might, technically, run on TTX2 hardware? (essentially, I just want to know whether...
  2. gozaimas

    Fast IO to Jammafier

    The long and winding quest to install Fast IO in my JVS cab is coming along. I managed to pick-up a TTX2 unit with the Fast IO DMAC, and this morning the Fast IO jamma board arrived. I've plugged everything in (slightly guessing which connections to use, as there isn't much documentation around...
  3. gozaimas

    Fast I/O PCI-E board alternatives?

    Long shot, but are there any off-the-shelf alternatives to the official Taito Fast I/O PCI-E board? They seem pretty impossible to buy separate from a TTX2 machine with one preinstalled.
  4. gozaimas

    Running 3rd Strike Nesica on TTX2 multi

    Are there any FAQs/ instructions on how to jury-rig a Nesica game to run on the TTX2 Multi at the moment? I appreciate that there is no 'official' support while new Nesica 1 games are still trickling out, but I know that it's supposed to be a fairly straightforward job to make one of the games...